1. Introduction


DVD ripping is increasingly becoming popular because many people wish to convert their premium movies to a flexible format, so they can always play them back without limitation. However, if this is the first time you’re getting to hear or read about DVD ripping, this is the simplest definition to the phrase – DVD Ripping is a process of extracting the audio and visual content of a disc (DVD) and saving it as a portable media format, most preferably – MP4.



Here, we have listed the top free DVD ripper software for ripping DVDs, as well as explain how to rip a DVD on a Windows 10 PC or Mac.



2. Top 10 Free DVD Ripping Software for 2020


We ‘ve gathered the top 10 ripping software most frequently recommended by the users in 2020, see the list below:



Next, let’s find out more about each of those free DVD ripper software and what are they capable of.


  1. DVDFab DVD Ripper


Available on: Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS 10.10 and later


Arguably, DVDFab DVD Ripper is the best DVD ripping software you’ll find at the moment. DVDFab DVD Ripper is capable of ripping and converting any DVD to conventional video formats to play back your movies/series on any media player. It is fast and comes with a bunch of impressive features you’ll find to be handy for the need. More so, DVDFab DVD Ripper is far better than most other free DVD ripper software apps, thanks to the numerous cutting-edge technologies and algorithms used in the back-end engine.

Furthermore, it is easier to use DVDFab DVD Ripper because the ripping process is intuitive and straightforward. With multi-platform support – you can use this DVD ripping software either on Mac or Windows computers.



  • Reads 2D and 3D DVDs
  • Reads DVD folders
  • Supports ISO image files as input
  • Upscale DVDs up to 1080p quality, thanks to the patented Enlarger AI technology (sold separately).
  • Supports insurmountable output formats
  • Has a free DVD ripper version and a premium version


How to Rip a DVD on Windows 10


The interfaces on DVDFab DVD Ripper are almost self-explanatory. Plus, the ripping process is swift and straightforward.


First Step:



Download and install DVDFab DVD Ripper on your MacBook or Windows PC, here we would take Windows version as an example. Then launch the software and load your DVD from a source. The source can be a disc, DVD folder on your PC or an ISO file. Interestingly, the main interface allows for drag and drop.


Second Step:


Now that your DVD has been loaded to the interface, look to the left panel and select a profile, as well as the audio tracks and subtitles. You can further customize the available audio & video parameters via the Advanced Settings menu. Additionally, a built-in video editor helps you to edit the video (if necessary). When you’re done with all these, go to the bottom pane and choose a path/folder to save your DVD when it is finally ripped.


Third Step:


Click the “Start Button” to trigger the ripping process. You will be able to see the progress in real-time, and you can actually cancel if you wish. More interestingly, DVDFab DVD Ripper provides you with options to either automatically shut down your computer, hibernate your PC, exit the program, or do nothing when the ripping process finishes.


Final Notes:

DVDFab DVD Ripper takes an edge over other free DVD Ripping Software with Enlarger AI tech and other unmentioned techs that power the software’s engine like GPU acceleration. However, DVDFab DVD Ripper is only available for free for the first 30 days of using the software.


  1. HandBrake


Available on: Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS 10.11 and later


Throw your premium DVD to Handbrake and watch as it will carefully rip the disc and leave you with a video file you can playback on any media player. Handbrake is an open-source DVD ripper software that is available across platforms – Mac, Windows, and Linux. With support for many video codecs coupled with its distinctive GUI, Handbrake DVD software can accept any DVD file you present to it.

Interestingly, Handbrake happens to be one of the best DVD ripping software that’s totally available for free.



  • Supports various video and audio encoders
  • Picks up any DVD file
  • Audio Pass-thru: AC-3, E-AC3, DTS, DTS-HD, TrueHD, AAC, and MP3
  • Flexible settings
  • Supports chapter markers and subtitles
  • VFR and CFR support


How to rip protected DVD with Handbrake:


Handbrake is a free and open-source DVD ripping software with a user-friendly interface.


  • Step 1: Download and install Handbrake on your computer and load your DVD file(s)
  • Step 2: Set the various parameters for your video – make sure that you select an output profile for your DVD movie. Click on the dropdown box beside “Format.”
  • Step 3: Choose a folder on your storage drive to save the ripped DVD movie.
  • Step 4: Trigger the process by clicking on the “Start” button


Final Notes:

The main UI of Handbrake is a bit complex – there are lots of options shattered on the software window. Someone may get confused and activate some settings he/she shouldn’t have touched.


  1. MakeMKV


Available on: Windows, Mac OS


MakeMKV is a free DVD ripper software for Windows, Linux, and macOS PC users. It is a handy software app you can get to rip any DVD you’ve got. This software features a graphical user interface that is not so difficult to understand and navigate. Loading your DVD into the interface isn’t done through drag n drop method as with the DVDFab DVD Ripper software; you’ve got to click on the “bar” below “Source” and select your disc.


However, it is important to note that this software will only rip DVD to MKV format. Most media players widely support MKV format, but it's obviously not as compatible as MP4.



  • Totally free to use
  • Reads protected discs
  • Preserves chapters information and metadata
  • Opens all kinds of DVD discs for free


How to Use MakeMKV

  • Download the software from the official website and install on your computer
  • Launch the app and select your DVD disc (supports only discs as input)
  • Customize the available video and audio parameters to suit your taste
  • Click on the “MakeMKV” button to trigger the ripping process


Final Notes:

MakeMKV is limited in quite so many ways, and it cannot be used to rip DVDs to any other format asides MKV.


  1. Freemake DVD Ripper


Available on: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10


The developer of Freemake DVD Ripper software claims that hundreds of millions of people have used this software for ripping their DVDs. Well, the Freemake DVD Ripper is a piece of handy utility software for ripping DVD discs to different output formats. The app flaunts a modernized interface where users can easily access the app’s features and customize the various supported settings for ripping DVDs. With Freemake, you have what is likely the best free DVD ripper software for Windows.



  • Rips your DVD and retain the subtitles in the ripped file
  • Reduce the size of your DVD videos
  • Supports a variety of formats
  • You can save ripped videos to the cloud


How to rip a DVD with Freemake

  • Download and install Freemake DVD Ripper on Windows computer
  • Add your DVD file by clicking on the "DVD" button.
  • Choose an output profile/format for your video.
  • Alternatively, you can customize the video parameters.
  • Pick a storage directory and click on “Convert” to rip the DVD for free.


Final Notes:

Freemake DVD Ripper is a decent-enough free DVD ripping software for Windows. The app's interface is neat and easy to understand. However, Freemake doesn’t support ISO file images or DVD folders as with DVDFab’s DVD Ripper software.


5. WinX DVD Ripper


Available on: Windows, Mac


One of the reasons people like the Winx DVD ripper free edition is because it provides a bunch of handy features for ripping DVD discs. Winx DVD Ripper boosts of a reliable, modernized engine that assures of fast-speed processing while ripping DVDs. The software is easy to use, supports a wide variety of formats, and comes with some patented technologies. There’s a macOS version of this app.




  • Hardware encoder, decoder, and processor techs
  • Supports over 200 codecs for video and audio
  • Read all DVDs and ISO files.
  • Intuitive and clean interface


How to use

Winx DVD Ripper works in a few steps and does not take too long to rip a disc.

  • Launch Winx DVD Ripper on PC after downloading it from the developer’s site
  • Load your DVD disc, DVD folder or ISO file – the options are available on the top menu
  • Pick an output profile for your video.
  • Customize other video/audio parameters if you wish
  • Click on "Run" to rip the disc.


Final Note

WinX DVD Ripper may appear as the closest alternative to DVDFab DVD Ripper software because of its high-tech features and support. However, the free version of WinX DVD Ripper does not rip DVD to MP4.


  1. VLC Media Player


Available on: Windows, Mac OS



We all know VLC to be a top-notch, versatile media player with support for so many codecs and techs. Well, it can also be used to rip and convert DVDs to other flexible formats that can play on other media players. The process is quite different from other software apps listed in this article. VLC is a free audio/video player – also, it is a free DVD Ripper software for Windows and macOS users.



  • Supports all kinds of DVD discs
  • Totally free to use
  • Available across platforms – Linux, Windows, and macOS


How to rip a DVD with VLC: 


  • Download and install the VLC media player on your computer
  • Launch the app and right-click on the blank interface, from the context menu, select "Convert/Save.” You can simply click CTRL + R to get to the convert settings immediately.
  •  Toggle to the “Disc” tab, select DVD and load your disc
  • Leave the settings as they are, or you can customize them if you know the implications.
  • Click on the "convert/save" button.


Final Notes:

VLC player doesn’t pack many features for effective and accurate DVD ripping. However, it can help if you need a totally free software.


  1. VideoProc


Available on: Windows, Mac



This is quite an advanced utility for ripping and converting videos. It supports a wide range of output formats and boasts of sturdy techs being used for the back-end engine. However, VideoProc isn’t primarily a DVD Ripping software, but it has the capability to do that. It comes with an impressive user interface that anyone could easily understand and packs a couple of built-in tools for the job it is expected to do.



  • Supports various inputs and output sources
  • Rips DVD to digital formats in quite a good speed
  • Flexible advanced settings and options
  • Easy to use interface
  • Mac and Windows support


How to use VideoProc in ripping DVDs

Firstly, you have to download the software on your computer, and then follow the steps below.

  • Select DVD from the options you’ll see on the main interface, and load your DVD disc.
  • Keep the DVD file system as "auto-detect."
  • Click on the "video" tab and select an output profile/format.
  • Choose an output folder to save the video file.
  • Now click on “Run” to start the process.


Final Notes:

VideoProc is a multi-feature software for running quite a lot of tasks. In addition to DVD ripping, VideoProc allows you to download online movies, as well as run other disc operations.


  1. MediaCoder


Available on: Windows only

This is a popular software for video conversion and DVD ripping. It is quite an advanced app for Windows PC users, and it comes with a stylish interface. The built-in tools you’ll find on MediaCoder are much; however, they are all customizable. As the name connotes, this software supports many codecs for video and audio.



  • Video conversion in-between formats
  • Supports DVD ripping
  • Media enhancement techs
  • Flexible parameters and multi-thread design


How to Use

  • Launch the software on your computer and load your DVD via “Add Track.”
  • Configure the video parameters
  • Pick a digital output format
  • Choose a location for the ripped file and click the “Start” button


Final Notes:

The interface of MediaCoder is quite a complex free DVD ripper and may confuse a PC user who is unfamiliar with such multipart interfaces.


  1. Tipard DVD Ripper


Available on: Windows, Mac


The Tipard DVD Ripper software promises of 30x faster-processing speed than other similar free DVD rippers. It is a premium software with quite a lot of features. The software supports a wide variety of output formats – so, you can easily choose between MP4 and over 250 digital media formats. Using Tripard’s software, you can rip any DVD movie to your computer for playback on other media players.



  • The main interface supports drag and drop
  • Recognizes DVD folders, discs, and image files
  • Flexible settings for customizing the video output
  • Built-in video editor


How to Use

  • Download and install Tipard DVD Ripper and launch the program on your computer
  • Load your DVD from either of the supported sources
  • Select an output by clicking on the “MPG lossless” dropdown menu (at the top-right corner)
  • Edit the video if you wish and also customize the parameters
  • Click on “Rip All” to start the ripping process


Final Notes:

Tipard DVD Ripper comes with a whole lot of features and is specially designed for DVD ripping purposes. It is one of the closest alternatives to DVDFab DVD Ripper software.


  1. DVDShrink


Available on: Windows only


Last on this list is DVDShrink, a totally free utility software app that can be of great help when you’re looking for free DVD ripper software apps. However, this free app doesn't support so many features, and the interface isn't as friendly as you may have wished. There are quite a lot of parameters you can customize for your video when you use DVDShrink for ripping your DVD movie.



  • Capable of ripping any DVD movie
  • Features customizable settings for ripping DVDs
  • Supports re-authoring and video compression


How to Use DVDShrink to Rip DVD to Computer

  • Install and launch DVDShrink on your computer
  • Load your DVD movie by clicking on "Open Disc."
  • Select “Backup” from the top menu
  • Choose a storage location where the ripped file will be saved
  • Toggle the tabs and configure the setting, you really understand the implications; otherwise, ignore them and head to the "Burn Settings."
  • Click “ok” on the burn settings tab to rip your DVD


Final Notes:

You are presented with the choice to choose a custom format for your digital video. More so, DVDShrink isn’t as fast as DVDFab DVD Ripper, and it also doesn’t support a lot of features you may like to use, such as a built-in video editor.





These are the best DVD ripping software apps you can get for Windows, macOS, and Linux systems. However, while some of these apps aren’t totally free, they offer flexible free-trial period, which you can leverage to get your movies converted into digital formats that can be easily played on portable media players and mobile devices.


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