top 10 free video compressors to compress your video easily 


If you have been a video blogger, you will find it quite annoying trying to figure out how to use the videos for online use. Uploading a high-quality video content on social media sites such as YouTube or Facebook becomes a tough task. That is precisely where using video compressors comes quite handy in letting you compress the videos and then share them across different sites.  And people would try to compress YouTube video to MP3 for less storage.


Top 5 Video compressors Free online


Online video compressors can be an excellent choice for almost all your needs in an enhanced and improved degree of compressing your videos on the move. They come much handy in letting you decide how to compress a video file for social consumption. 


1. MP4Compress


MP4Compress is one of the popular tools among video compressor free online and has been widely used by bloggers around the globe. The online video compressor can compress your videos without losing the quality. The secure https connectivity makes it one of the reliable and secure online tools for your needs in an improved performance in how to compress a video. 






  • A simple to follow interface 
  • The file compression is handled automatically
  • All your files are deleted once you have downloaded your compressed files 
  • On the move tool that can be used on any platform 


The file size limitation of 500 MB may be an issue if you want to compress larger files. You can compress MP4 file alone with the tool. 




Don’t get confused by the name! While it offers you several options to convert your PDF files, it does come with additional tools for your video compression needs as well. The tool can reduce the size of the file by around 35 percent. Of course, you have the option to manually configure the conversion as per your preferences to compress video file. It can be the best solution to compress MP4 file with ease.


ps2pdf  online video compressor




  • You can upload your files from your local drives or even from cloud storages such as Google Drive 
  • It can compress your videos using the H.265 codec
  • Two options to compress your videos viz faster and slower. 
  • Drag and drop option to upload your video files and compress video online free. 


3. YouCompress


Free to use video compressor free online can compress your videos in several formats. The video compressor supports multiple video formats that include MP4, MOV, MP3 and also other image formats such as JPEG, JPG, PNG, and GIF. The best answer to your queries in how to compress video files. 





  • It is one of the excellent options to convert your video files 
  • The video compressor free online can compress an unlimited number of files. 
  • It should be your all in one file compression tool
  • Zero configuration required 


4. CloudPresso 


CloudPresso is one of the excellent options for dedicated size reductions and should be excellent to compress video file. It offers you an intuitive and simple video compressor option. You can expect least quality loss for your videos with the free online video compressor tool. If you are checking out the right options on how to compress video files. 


cloud compress



  • It can shrink your files to up to 80 percent of the original size 
  • The 256 bit SSL encryption should further make it a secure option 
  • Advanced compression for videos and images 
  • Batch conversion option 
  • File sizes to up to 1 GB supported 


5. Clideo


Multiple video tools bundled into one – that should be what would describe Clideo. A full-fledged online video compression tool, it lets you pick your files from your local drive or even from other sources such as Dropbox and Google Drive. It can even fetch your files from the URLs to compress video file. 






  • You can edit your compressed file before downloading it. 
  • Multiple video editing options include merging, resizing, rotating, and making videos. 
  • While it comes with a file size limitation, you can upload files one by one and convert them 
  • You can get your files sent directly to Google Drive or Dropbox 


Top 5 Free Video Compressors for Windows and Mac


Software solutions for Video Compressors provide you an enhanced performance when compared to the online solutions. Better control over your output file further makes it one of the thoughtful options you want to go with when looking forward to how to compress a video. 


1. Handbrake 


Handbrake has always been a hot favourite for practically every one of your needs in video compression and other video management requirements. If you are checking out the right options for all your needs in open-source video compression, Handbrake is a prime choice for Mac, Linux and Windows.






  • Huge number of built-in pre-sets for almost all your needs with respect to several devices. 
  • The compression option offered on the platform is part of the video conversion tool
  • Batch conversion supported 
  • Output files available only in MP4 and MKV. 


2. Format Factory 


Format Factory is your ultimate tool for all your video compression requirements. The faster video compression with zero quality loss is one of the strongest factors in its favour. You can even select an entire folder and get your video files converted to convert video file. It should be your best bet to compress video size. 


Format factory




  • Ultimate video conversion efficiency 
  • Options edit several video parameters such as video encoding, aspect ratio, audio attributes, bitrate, and FPS
  • It can also help you convert and compress images and audio files 
  • Simple to use interface makes it a great option for newbies 


3. Freemake Video Converter 


A video converter tool, Freemake can also double up as an excellent option for video compression. It should be one of the perfect video compression tools, thanks to the ability to compress your files in a huge number of formats that include DivX, WMV, AVI, MKV, and ROM. 






  • Available only on Windows, it has been treated to be one of the best video compressors for Windows 10. 
  • Support for more than 500 different video formats 
  • Support for batch conversion 
  • You can even compress the video files in 4K and full HD format. 


4. Any Video Converter 


Compatible with almost all versions of Windows, Any Video Converter is an excellent option for your needs in a video compressor for Windows. You can make use of the tool to convert the videos downloaded from YouTube, Facebook and other services. Any Video Converter is your best video compressor for all your video compression needs. 


Any video converter




  • Retains the high quality of the video when reducing the size of the video 
  • You can pick device-specific pre-sets for your videos
  • Comes with editing tools such as trimming, adding subtitles and rotating your videos
  • A straightforward interface 


5. Avidemux


Just like Handbrake, Avidemux is yet another perfect option for your needs in the best video compressor. The tool offers support for a wide range of formats and platforms such as DVD, MP4, MOV, PCM, RAW, DV, and AVI. 






  • Advanced features such as bitrate histogram and optimisation calculator
  • Plenty of frame tools to choose from
  • Improved subtitle support for better video preparation
  • Open-source solution available for Linux, BSD, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows


How to Compress MP4 file Without Losing Quality?


While the online and free software solutions featured here for an improved video compression efficiency offer you a greater degree of performance, they do suffer from a few limitations. If you are looking for improved quality in your video compression and conversion needs, DVDFab Video Converter comes quite handy in providing wonderful features.


DVDFab Video Converter is a full-featured and powerful video converter that lets you convert your video files between any of your favourite mainstream video formats. In addition to the video conversion, it also offers you perfect option to compress video file. 


Some of the features that make it a worthy option include 

  • Multiple audio and video format support: It can read almost all audio video formats that include the ones downloaded from the internet, capture cards and camcorders. Support for compressing audio and video formats across a wide range of options further makes it a great choice.


  • Metadata extraction: The software can extract the metadata from your TV shows and other content, and applies them to the final video. This can help let your tools such as DVDFab Player 6 and Movie servers to organise your files easily.  


  • Full control over your output video: You can copy an entire video or choose a part of it. The options available to customise the output audio and subtitle stream can be a great option. A perfect customization needs for professionals to make it a great choice.


It also comes with a non-linear editor for your needs in editing your videos before compression.


How to compress video without losing quality using DVDFab Video Converter?


Here are the steps you can use to compress video without losing quality:


Step 1: Install and launch DVDFab Video Converter


DVDFab Video Converter is a part of DVDFab Suite. Assuming you have downloaded DVDFab Suite, launch it and pick the Converter tab at the top. 


DVDFab Video Converter


Step 2: Add your files 


You can add the files you want to compress in several ways. Add them manually, or use the drag and drop functionality. You can even load the disc containing the video files. 


dvdfab video converter


Step 3: Make compression settings


Once the file has been added, click on the advanced settings and editor icon to make the necessary changes. Make the Advanced Settings first and then edit your file as per your preferences.


dvdfab video converter advanced settings


Also, if you would like to edit video online, you can check out this post: 10 Popular Free Video Editing Methods [Online, App & Software].


Step 4: Choose the output folder and compress your file 


Pick your options for saving the files in an appropriate folder and begin compressing your files by clicking on Start. 


dvdfab video converter


Your video will now begin converting and compressing. Once done, it will be saved in the output folder you have chosen. 


A Few FAQs about Video Compressors


1. How to compress mp4 video to a smaller size online free?


Compressing a video need not be a tough task. You can utilise a wide range of video compressor software options or pick the best available tools to compress video online free. Not only MP4, these online video compressor tools or software options can prove handy in your queries in how to compress a MOV file. 


Online video compressor options need you to drag your source files into the online tool, and rest of the task is handled by the software without any intervention from your end. Online video compressor software can even help you compress MP4 file without losing quality. 


2. How to compress a MOV file?


Most of the online video compressor options and video compressor software tools come with advanced features that let you compress video size without losing quality. However, most of them may have limited functionality when it comes to handling a few formats. 


MOV is a format developed by Apple, and not many tools and software tools do not offer support for the format. DVDFab Video Converter may be a good option if you are looking for information on how to compress a MOV file. 


3. What is the best free video compressor?


You would find a wide range of tools that can be helpful to compress video online free. Handbrake and Freemake have been a great option for a considerably long period and have carved a niche for themselves. 


However, free tools can have a few limitations and may not be suitable for your needs in full-fledged video compressors. They may limit the maximum size of the video you can upload. The lossless quality of compression may not be an assured option. 


That is where a paid software like DVDFab Video Converter can come quite handy to compress MP4 file without losing quality. It does offer you added advantages like batch compression, no limit on the size of the videos that can be compressed and an effective compression with lossless quality can be a few options that prove to be effective on DVDFab Video Converter which is an efficient video compressor for Windows and other platforms. 




If you have been sharing your videos frequently on emails or social media sites, video compression tools would be what would make it one of the prime options to compress video size. The video compression reduces the size of the video file, and thus it can now be shared across different sharing services or through emails.

MP4 files take a lot of space on your device. If you want to save space on devices, using the right set of video compressor software can be a great option to ensure a better quality of output video.