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Photographs or images have become an important part of our lives today. You need them everywhere. You may need them for visual effects with other content for your business. Brands are competing with each other to make creative images, in order to attract the customers.


Apart from their professional value, photography has even found its base on social media. In order to present best clicks to your audience, you will need the best free photo editing apps. It may sometimes become difficult to select from varieties of available options. It is always advised to stick to two or three apps that can help you edit your images perfectly.


Using too many apps can lead to confusion and low-quality output, and may make the process complicated too. So here are some good free photo editing apps for both Android and iOS that can be useful for you.



Part 1. Top 10 Free Photo Editing Apps for Android and iOS Users


1. Photoshop Express


This free photo editor app is very good when considered in terms of quality, but it can be a little confusing to use. It does provide the best results and has good quality features.






  • This free photo editor app has basic image editing features, and can work conveniently with Creative Cloud.
  • This free Photoshop application also has access to CC libraries and supports multiple formats.
  • All Adobe software apps are also available.




  • You need registration to have access to this app. It has limited camera options and that too with no settings.
  • It has no photo editing functions for processing RAW files.
  • The time of action required for editing is 10 seconds or longer. You need to be patient to get the final output.





This free photo editor app has specialization development of image processing tools. It supports programs like Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Camera RAW, etc. It also facilitates the creation of personal albums. The images can be edited and posted in your social media profile.






  • This free photo editor app allows you to work conveniently with the library and social media.
  • It has a good camera application and a variety of tools for photo editing. It has a good collection of best filters too.





  • 90℅ filters of this application are not free, and needs to be purchased.
  • It is unstable to work with RAW files.



3. Photolemur 3


This best free photo editing app makes good use of AI technology to edit images automatically. It analyses images to make appropriate modifications. You should use this app if you want some quick changes in your pictures.




  • It is user friendly and copes up quickly with a list of large images.
  • This free photo editor app helps improve the color and lightening of the image and recovering the missing segments.




  • It deals with RAW files very slowly and is not much effective.
  • It needs more options for control.




4. InstaSize


It is one of the best Instagram photo editor apps and is very useful for Instagram bloggers. It has different features to change the background colors.





  • You can upload your photos on Instagram without facing the issues of image compression.
  • This Instagram photo editor offers several additional features and prepares your photos fully before the process of posting.
  • The quality of the image is retained.




  • It is one of those free photo editing apps that is useful specifically for Instagram and does not support other applications much.
  • There are no features for image retouching.



5. Pics Art [ Android & iOS  ]


This is another photo editor app for Android as well as iOS. It provides features like adjustment of transparency in settings. Pictures from the camera can be used in real-time like a new layer. You can even combine a frame that has not been shot while viewing other pictures and already selected layers.





  • It is among one of the best free photo editing app. It offers a variety of unique tools and is user friendly.
  • It offers high-quality effects and quite fast performances.
  • You can import pictures from social networks.




  • It presents many advertisements and a lot of paid content.
  • It offers many useless activities too and has restricted functionality when available in the free version.



6. Snapseed [Android & iOS ]


It has a variety of advanced features. It can be used when you are offline and is counted among one of the good free photo editing apps. It has a Selective Color Tool which helps in adjusting a particular color in one specific area.





  • It detects the photo genre automatically and works conveniently with every tool.
  • This iOS and Android photo editor supports DNG and files possessing of RAW format.
  • Many tools are available for changing features like temperature, blur, etc.
  • A completely different effect can be produced through its ability of overlaying effects.




  • The image retouch quality of this application is poor.
  • It includes quite strange tools for cropping an image.



7. Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile


It is the best free photo editing app for iPhone and supports Android as well. It is perfect for professional photo editing. You just need to register an Adobe ID for this free app. The camera can be used to adjust the focus point. Other things like ISO settings and shutter speed can also be improved.





  • This iOS and Android photo editor is suitable for working with RAW files and DNG.
  • It is a good photography app that can work with Creative Cloud.
  • It helps in improving watermarks and offers many settings related to exposure.




  • This application's library work is quite strange to work with.
  • You need to register first to start working with it.



8. Lens Distortions


This free photo editor app has many realistic effects and can gather several effects for singular output. There are desktop applications and plug-ins that are very splendid. It helps create a better version of your pictures.





  • It has many interesting effects that are available for free. Five effects are available for free from every section of effects.
  • It is very useful for photographers as it also provides features for controlling weather effects.




  • It cannot be rated among the free photo editing apps as it is partially free.
  • It requires payment for unraveling better effects.



9. Moldiv [ Android & iOS ]


It allows you to create collages from images and incorporate decorative features and effects. Thematic collages can be made using filters and many color correction techniques. One of its tools'Scissors' allows you to add certain segments of a photograph in a collage instead of adding an entire image.





  • Videos can be edited easily. It has many filters and offers plenty of colorful designs.
  • Files supporting RAW formats can be opened instantly.
  • It is a free photo editor app.




  • It offers a very poor quality of editing an image.
  • The settings in this app are too sensitive to handle.



10. Fotor


Fotor does not display advertisements except for a small banner for downloading an entire version. It offers white balance adjustment. A feature called'Fotor HDR' can be used for enhancement of the image. It is an Android photo editor that is also well suited for iOS.





  • It offers features like color correction and quick RAW image editing.
  • It has many filters for editing your photo and supports multiple formats.




  • Some features marked with the'Pro'icon can only be used after purchasing it.
  • It causes on and off the appearance of photos in the gallery.



Now, apart from the above free photo editing apps that are useful for both Android and iOS, there an app called Photo Edit App which is an iPhone photo editor app that can be used to crop images, apply filters and make many more modifications. So here are some ways to help to use this app efficiently.


Part 2. How to use an iPhone Photo Edit App


As soon as you open this free photo editor app, you can select am image for editing from Camera Roll. Click on the option, Edit. A variety of tools will appear on the screen of this iPhone photo editor for modifications.




Crop and Rotate


  • Select the Crop button which is present at the lower-left corner. Dragging corners and sides will set the cropping area.
  • The highlighted part of the image will be preserved after cropping. You can even crop images in different ratios and specifications.
  • Click on'Done' and Save the image.
  • To rotate the image, select'Rotate' by tapping on the Crop icon.


Removal of red eyes


  • There is an option on this iPhone photo editor that looks like an eye that has a line passing through it. You have to tap on this option.
  • After selecting it, just tap on each eye whose redness needs to be removed.
  • Once the task is done, click on'Done' and save the image.


Light and Color Adjustment


  • A button having a resemblance to'Dial' is available at the bottom center of the screen which needs to select for these adjustments.
  • Once you tap on that button, options like exposure, highlights, brightness, shadows, etc. will be available for light adjustment.
  • Options like saturation, cast, and contrast will appear for Color adjustment.
  • Options for B&W like intensity, tone, neutrals, etc. will be available.


Auto enhancement


  • This iPhone photo editor tool automatically makes changes to the image that includes the color balance to enhance the photo.
  • Once the job is done, click on'Done' and save the picture.


Removal of animation


  • An icon resembling three concentric circles will be available during Edit mode.
  • To remove an animation, tap on the option'Live Photo' so that it turns white and gets deactivated.
  • Select the option'Done' and save the image.


Revert to the original picture


  • If you want to go back to your original image, select Edit after opening the edited image.
  • Now select the option Revert and then'Revert to Original'. The free photo editor app will do the rest


Apply filters


  • Filters can be applied to images by selecting option'Filters' under the label Edit tools.
  • Tap on'Done' after applying suitable filters.
  • It is also possible to edit videos on the iPhone.

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Part 3. Conclusion


Now that so many options are available for photo editing, you don't need to worry about things like what is the best free photo editing app or where can I find a suitable photo editor for my content. You can just have a look at the summary below for all the apps and decide what you want.



Summary of free photo editing apps:


Photoshop Express -This free photo editor has all Adobe software available and is best for professional photographers.


VSCO -The services that this app provides are similar to Instagram. It is suited best for people involved in mobile photography.


Photolemur 3 -It is best for the automatic editing of pictures. It has face editing features and uses AI technology.


InstaSize -This app can produce good quality content for Instagram with no promotion of image compression.


Pics Art -It is a classic app for social media networking and has even its own social network.

Snapseed -This free photo editor app has a great performance rate and supports DNG. It can enhance even

the most ordinary images.


Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile -It is a great app to work with RAW files and has photo manager and editor options.


Lens Distortions -It is a great app for people who are fond of shooting landscapes or urban environments.


Moldiv -It is the best free photo editing app for creating collages and bringing out multiple images on a singular canvas.


Fotor -This free photo editor app is best for editing image files with the RAW format. It can work conveniently with PC too.



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