If you have a good collection of Blu-rays, you would want to copy them as a means of backing them up to your computer. This can help you saving your Blu-rays for eternity. A few of the prime reasons you would want to copy your Blu-rays is because you may find your discs getting scratches, fingerprints, and other debris or can even get lost. Keeping a backup can through a good Blu-ray disc copy software be a good decision under such circumstances. If you are wondering how to copy Blu-ray movies and discs, we present a few great options that can be helpful.


Today, we will introduce 10 Best Blu-ray Copy Software to Backup Blu-ray Disc and Movies


Here are a few good Blu-ray Copy software tools that can help get all your needs to access the best possible Blu-ray Copy functionality. We will check out both free and professional tools that can be helpful in this venture.


Top 5 Best Free Blu-Ray Copy Software  [Free!]


A few good Blu-ray software options can include the following excellent options.


1. AnyMP4 Blu-ray Copy


Available on – Windows


AnyMP4 Free Blu-ray is one of the excellent options to help you copy Blu-rays as a Blu-ray folder or as an ISO file onto your hard drive. It lets you copy your files without any sort of limitation applied. It can help you retain the video's quality while letting you copy the content at a decent speed.


  • You can copy the protected disc losslessly

  • You can even compress BD 50 discs to BD 25.

  • Multiple copy modes that include Full Disc, Main Movie, Clone, and Write Data

  • The interface of the best free Blu-ray Copy software does not need a steep learning curve


anyMP4 Blu-ray Copy


Here is how you use the tool in how to copy a Blu-ray disc on PC–


  • Launch the tool

  • Insert your disc into the optical drive

  • Choose the appropriate copy mode and choose the output folder.

  • Begin copying your disc.


2. MakeMKV


Available on – Windows, Mac, and Linux


MakeMKV has been the powerful and widely used solution for most of your video needs in how to copy a Blu-ray disc on PC. It can also be a great choice for your needs in how to copy Blu-ray movies. It has been known to be a perfect option for all your needs in transcoding your Blu-ray files.




  • It can handle a wide range of protected Blu-rays

  • It can preserve the video and audio codecs.

  • A faster conversion performance

  • The free version supports all the prime features


How to copy Blu-rays? –


  • Load the disc and launch your Blu-ray copy software.

  • Pick the disc you want to copy

  • Choose the output folder and begin copying your Blu-ray.


3. Handbrake


Available onWindows, Mac, and Linux


Handbrake has recently added the Blu-ray copy and ripping options on its latest version. In fact, it has been a great solution for Blu-ray Copying as well. It doubles up as the right option for the best free Blu-ray copy software and lets you find how to copy Blu-ray movies.




  • An integrated Blu-ray copy functionality

  • It can even convert your Blu-rays into MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MOV, and other video formats.

  • Customization options for editing the video if you need to.


How to copy Blu-rays using Handbrake? The steps remain almost similar to the other tools outlined here. You just need to insert the disc in your optical drive, pick an output folder, and start copying the disc. The settings are extremely easy to follow.


4. Tripard Blu-ray Copy


Available OnWindows, Mac


Tripard Blu-ray copy can be an excellent option for almost all your needs in an improved Blu-ray copy experience. It can be your best bet for the needs such as decrypt, copy, clone, and backup Blu-ray to Blu-ray Disc or hard drive.


tripard Blu-ray Copy


  • The tool lets you burn your discs losslessly

  • A faster copy speed

  • You have access to four different copy modes

  • Simple to use interface.

  • High-end features


Here is how you can use the tool if you are looking to find how to copy a Blu-ray disc on PC–


  • Run Blu-ray copy tool

  • Load your disc

  • Choose copy mode

  • Pick output folder

  • Click on Start to begin copying your data


5. Pavtube Blu-ray Copy


Available onWindows


It is one of the prime options for your Blu-ray Copy needs. It doubles up as a great choice for copying DVDs and Blu-ray discs. You can either use the tool to copy the content onto another disc or to another disc.


pavtube Blu-ray Copy


  • Create 1:1 copies of your Blu-rays with the best free Blu-ray copy software

  • Copy the content with a flawless clarity

  • An extremely powerful and practical tool

  • Get rid of the protections from the discs


Here is how you can copy your Blu-rays?


  • Pick the source and target locations

  • Load the disc onto your drive

  • Click on Start to begin copying your content.


Top 5 Professional Blu-Ray Copy Software  [Professional!]


Having checked the free tools for Blu-ray copy needs, here are a few professional-level software options for copying a Blu-ray disc on PC.


1. DVDFab Blu-ray Copy - A powerful Blu-ray Copy software


Available on – Mac and Windows


DVDFab Suite has been a very reliable option for all your needs in an enhanced and improved experience in copying your Blu-rays. It has been known to be the top-end fully-featured Blu-ray Copy tool. In fact, it does come with an advanced of features and performance. A few tools listed here can be useful in how to copy 4K Blu-ray discs. It should also be a perfect pick if you are searching for how to copy a 3D Blu-ray movie. During the free trial period for 30 days, you could absolutely use it as a free software to copy blu-ray movies.


DVDFab Blu-ray Copy


  • Support for all Blu-ray formats that include BD-R 25, BD-RE 25, BD-R 50, and BD-RE 50

  • Copy Blu-rays to a DVD R your hard drive.

  • Five different copy modes viz Full Disc, Main Movie, Customize, Clone/Burn, Merge

  • An intuitive and easy to use tool

  • Hardware acceleration that turns your copying faster

  • Copy DVD to ISO or folder file

  • Enhance DVD to Blu-ray 1080p


How to use DVDFab Blu-ray Copy?


  • Choose copy mode on DVDFab Suite

  • Insert your Blu-ray and let the tool detect it.


Blu-ray Copy


  • Pick your output folder and click on Start to begin copying your files


copying your files


If you are looking for answers to how to copy blu-ray to usb or hard drive, then you can try out this solution.


2. Leawo Blu-ray Copy


Available onMac and Windows


Leawo has been one of the excellent options for all your needs in an enhanced Blu-ray copy experience. You can use the Blu-ray copy software tool to copy your Blu-rays to an ISO image or a folder. You can even use the tool to copy the content onto your DVD or another Blu-ray disc.


leawo Blu-ray Copy


  • The Blu-ray copy software lets you back up your files onto ISO image or folder

  • The tool can handle both BD50 and BD25 Blu-ray discs

  • It can even handle the protected discs with ease

  • It doubles up as one of the good options for 3D Blu-ray copy software options.


How to use Leawo to copy Blu-rays?


  • Launch Blu-ray Copy

  • Insert the Blu-ray in your optical drive

  • Add the source to your program

  • Configure the settings. You can choose the disc type and choose the copy modes.

  • Start copying by clicking on Copy.


3. Blue-Cloner


Available On ​​​​​​​Windows and Mac


Blue-Cloner is designed specifically for the digital distribution needs you may have. It has been considered a great solution for almost all your needs in video-related requirements you may have.




  • Perfect 1:1 Blu-ray Copy capability

  • You can decrypt any kind of Blu-ray content and copy the Blu-ray disc to a PC

  • Multiple copy modes to choose from

  • Capability to copy your 4K UHD Blu-rays as well


How to copy Blu-rays with Blue-Cloner? The steps involved in copying the Blu-ray would be extremely simple and similar to the other tools in this list. Just insert the Blu-ray in your optical drive, pick the source files, pick the copy mode, and begin copying the content.


4. BurnAware


Available on​​​​​​​Windows


BurnAware is one of the excellent options for the fully-featured Blu-ray copy software. It can handle all types of Blu-rays files and discs. You can even look for the more advanced functionalities. In essence, the tool works best for both regular users and professionals. 




  • Clean, easy, and multilingual interface to copy Blu-ray disc to PC

  • Stable burning process coupled with a lower CPU usage

  • Support for all versions of Windows operating system

  • Availability of advanced options for the advanced users


Once again, the steps used in burning or copying your data remain similar to the other software options outlined in this compilation. You will find the functionality extremely practical and need you to load your disc and copy your Blu-ray right away.


5. Nero 2015


Available on ​​​​​​​Windows


Nero has been one of the best options for copying your Blu-rays. It can be your best bet for a high-quality Blu-ray writing software ever. It can handle large files and also multiple files if you are looking ahead to.


nero 2015​​​​​​​


  • The tool can handle the non-commercial Blu-rays

  • It can support multiple discs with ease

  • The tool does not support decryption functionality

  • It is optimized for Windows to the fullest extent.


The software is available under multiple flavors and will need a thorough understanding. The tool may not be the right choice unless you are an expert in handling the professional software options.


How To Copy Blu-Ray Disc To DVD?


Just the way you would be able to copy your Blu-ray discs to your hard drive using the above tools, you should also copy the contents onto a DVD. In essence, almost every tool featured here supports copying your Blu-rays to a DVD as well.


However, if you are looking for an enhanced experience in copying the Blu-ray files onto a DVD, using the DVDFab DVD Creator can prove to be an efficient solution in many ways.


The Concluding Thoughts


If you are checking the high-end options for all your needs in copying a Blu-ray disc, the tools outlined here should definitely prove to be a great solution in many of the ways. Out of all the tools listed above, we would treat the DVDFab Blu-ray Copy is a great solution. In fact, the huge list of multiple modules available on the platform can prove itself to be a great option by almost every count.