Well, there are so many ways to edit videos for free; you just have to choose a platform and go on with the right tool. Some people use mobile apps to edit videos for vlogging purposes, many other professionals make use of PC software applications, and there are equally others who prefer web-based video editors. You could decide not to download a software or app to your device (mobile or PC) – thus, using an online video editor.


However, with video edit becoming a “high-demand” service by different people, apparently, you should get acquainted with these popular free video editing methods. This article will take you through the various free video editing software app for YouTube, as well as other possible apps and tools you can use to edit videos professionally, yet for free.



1. Method One: Using web-based online video editors


A web-based video editing app, a.k.a. an online video editor app, simply refers to an application that is accessible via the internet. Such apps are not usually downloadable; you need an active internet connection and a web browser to use them. Also, they are literally cross-platform because they can be accessed on any device or platform with a web browser and an active internet connection. Commonly, you have to sign up to use a free online video editor – there are usually different signup options available. Some good free video editing software apps that are web-based include:


Web-based Online Video Editiors:

  • Magisto online video editor
  • WeVideo
  • InVideo


1. Magisto – [visit site]




This online video editor by Magisto is intuitive and features the very basic video edit features. It doesn’t actually come with tools for cropping, cutting, or flipping videos; however, it allows you to add preset templates and background music to any video.


2. WeVideo – [visit site]


WeVideo is a comprehensive online video editor; it comes with virtually all the tools you'll need for a professional video editor. You can add multiple videos to the editing interface, as well as import custom audio files. Using WeVideo web-based online editor, you can add custom backgrounds, transition styles, texts, etc. to your video. The platform is an ideal alternative to the professional video editing software apps available for PC and Mac.




Nevertheless, most interesting features on WeVideo will not work/activate if you’re using a free account. But you can edit and export videos with a free account.

Furthermore, you can import videos from your cloud storage such as Google Drive, Box, and a couple of others. Plus, the platform supports high-quality videos and popular formats such as MKV, MOV, MP4, and AVI.


3. InVideo – [visit site]


inVideo surprisingly offers a couple of premium video edit features for free account users. The platform allows you to pick a convenient orientation for your video. It provides you with the option to trim a long video before uploading or continuing with the full video upload. This initial trimming feature is quite handy for some video enthusiasts. It is possible to add multiple video files at a go, create custom scenes, add a logo, and do more stuff. Nevertheless, the features you'll be able to flex while on the free plan are limited.




This platform goes on to provide a lot of built-in tools for including different elements to your video. Also, its support for multiple formats, as well as high-resolution videos, makes it one of the best free online video editing software. If you find the tool to be impressive and worthwhile, you can upgrade to activate all its features and turn to a professional video editor.


2. Method Two: Using a video editing software for windows or mac


These video editing software applications are available for both macOS computers and Windows computers. They are pretty much advanced and seemingly offer handier features than free online video editors. One of the actual benefits of opting for video editing software is because most of them typically come along with other important tools. Most of these software apps support both video editing and conversion. More importantly, they are free to use, intuitive, and quite versatile.



Video Editing Software for Windows and Mac:

  • DVDFab Video Converter
  • Shotcut
  • iMovie (for Mac only)
  • LightWorks


When you use this video editing method – the processes are always similar; you download the video editing software to your computer, launch the app, upload your video or drag your file(s) to the interface, start editing, monitor the process in real-time, etc. In fact, for the professional video editor, using a software application is the best method to edit videos, thanks to the many features and handy add-ons you’ll stand to gain. Some good video editing software applications for Windows and/or Mac include:



1. DVDFab Video Converter – [install]


The name may relay another meaning when you see/hear it; however, DVDFab Video Converter software happens to be one of the best video software apps you can use at the moment. While it is primarily a video conversion tool, it doubles as a video editor – having an inbuilt video editing interface that is packed with all the tools you need for editing videos. However, this “Video Edit” tool is an in-app extension package; thus, it has to be downloaded.




As a multi-feature video software, DVDFab Video Converter offers a variety of features, supports insurmountable output/input formats, and is designed with patent cutting technologies to upscale video and process even 4k videos at 10x faster speed.


Furthermore, the built-in non-linear video editor on DVDFab Video Converter lets you do the following:


  • Add captivating video intros

  • Add outros featuring closing credits/cast & crew

  • Set custom background music

  • Import subtitles and add special effects.

  • Crop, cut/trim videos


And do lots more.


However, the totally free version of this software is limited in several ways and does not support 4k videos. Nevertheless, it has a free trial version that allows you to try out its premium features and decide if you should upgrade your plan. DVDFab Video Converter is one of the best free video editing software for Windows and Mac.


2. ShotCut – [install]



ShotCut is strictly a video editor – it is open-source, free, and cross-platform. The video editing interface is quite intricate, yet intuitive and contains all the necessary tools you’ll ever need for excellent video editing. Different reviewers have hinted that ShotCut is the best free video editor for hobbyist; nevertheless, the app is suitable for everyone in need of a good free video editing software. Its support for different platforms is an impressive feat, doubled with its support for hundreds of audio and video formats and codecs. You can simply drag your video to the interface and start editing immediately.




Also, Shotcut works with keyboard shortcuts; you just have to know about them. Using J, K, and L, you can control playback speed and direction; tapping J or L repeatedly will trigger faster playback. There are other shortcuts to learn, and that makes ShotCut a fun-to-use free video editor for all OSes. There is no hidden payment or plan – this video editor is entirely free for you to use.


3. LightWorks – [Install]


When looking for the best free video editing software, Lightworks is probably one of the top best you should consider. It is a lightweight video editor software that is stocked with a lot of features. The simple and intuitive interface makes it an outstanding utility for video editors at all levels. More so, Lightworks is being used to edit by some of the top films in cinema history, including The Wolf of Wall Street, LA Confidential, Pulp Fiction, Heat, and many more.



You can use this app to achieve your purpose if you need to edit videos for social media or YouTube. Lightworks supports 4K videos, and it is available to download for free. Thanks to the GPU-acceleration tech, support for numerous formats and codecs, variety of built-in video edit tools, and many more features, Lightworks is simply a full-featured video editor you should not ignore.


4. iMovie – [Install]


iMovie is simply a video editor software and app for Apple computers and mobile devices. The app is available for MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads. It is an intuitive video editor app that lets you edit your videos across apple devices. Interestingly, iMovie is packed with many features for its need, and it is quite fast in processing videos or applying effects. The latest version of this app allows you to work on 4k video seamlessly, and you actually import videos from various sources, including cameras.



You can also apply custom effects in real-time – there are tons of effects, preset themes, audio, etc. When you're done editing with iMovie, you can directly export the resulting video YouTube, Facebook, or other supported platforms. Furthermore, a built-in audio editor is included on this app, so it is a comprehensive software/app for professional video editors. Amateur video editors may not find it easy around iMovie’s interface.


3. Method Three: Using video editor apps for iOS or Android


This method is one of the popular free methods to edit videos; however, you may not be able to edit large videos using mobile apps. Nevertheless, for short marketing videos, ads videos, social media videos, vlog videos, and other purposes alike, using either of these shortlisted mobile apps can help you out. Typically, these video editor apps are free to download and use – but some support in-app purchases for some of its video editing tools/features.


Also, it is important to note that most video editor apps do not work on all smartphones; this can be due to is minimum requirements. To get the best of video editor apps, you need a smartphone with at least 2GB of RAM, 3GB free storage space, runs on a newer version of either Android or Apple operating systems. Some good video editor apps for mobile phones are:


Video Editor Apps for iOS and Android:

  • KineMaster
  • InShot
  • Quik


1. KineMaster – iOS and Android


If you're comfortable with your videos having Kinemaster's branded watermark when you export them, then you will enjoy using this app for free for a lifetime. There are quite a lot of video editing features you will find on this app – it is one of the top-rated video editor apps you will find on mobile app stores. KineMaster has a distinctive interface that simplifies mobile video editing processes and supports high-quality videos.




You can perform a lot of video edit actions on KineMaster, which includes customizing video layers, adding elements such as stickers, text, images, effects, etc. to a video, color adjustment, and so many more. Also, when you’re done editing your video, you can directly export the video to platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Kinemaster supports 4K video exports; it is obviously one of the best video editor apps for mobile devices.


2.  InShot – iOS and Android


inShot has over 6 million user ratings on Android Playstore and still maintained a 4.8-star rating. It is one of the very best apps you can trust to edit videos seamlessly on mobile phones. The app is available for iOS and Android devices, and it stacks a lot of features that may amaze you. There are a lot of tweaks you can do on a video using InShot app – this includes rotate and flip, crop, trim, speed control, and more. Also, InShot doubles as a stylish video converter app for mobile devices. It is what you can call a full-featured mobile app for video editing and conversion.




Actually, not all features of InShot are available for free – you have to pay to use some of them. Also, it is important to note that this mobile app supports ads, so you should expect to see them while editing your videos.


3. Quik – iOS and Android


Quik is offered by GoPro; it is an impressive mobile app that helps you to create and edit videos for free. The features available on Quik are quite numerous – one may even compare this app with the best free video editing software for YouTube. There are lots of custom tools, presets, and elements supported by this app. One of the impressive features of this app is its ability to handle and export HD 1080p or 720p videos. From the app, you can directly share your videos on different social media or even to an email address.



GoPro Plus subscribers are liable to enjoy more premium offers of this mobile app. Nevertheless, it is a perfect free video editor apps for mobile devices.


Voial! That's the top 10 video editing methods that we picked for the year of 2020, find your favourite video editing methods and try it online, with desktop software or even with your mobile phones freely!


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