How about improving the experience of gaming by masking your voice? Perhaps changing your voice can be a great way to troll online. The voice changer software can be a perfect option if you are considering playing the best counter strike game with a kid’s voice. In fact, voice changer software can be useful in several ways. The voice changers are best suited for trolling the perfect options for online games such as PUBG, LOL and Minecraft. 


Top 5 Best Free Voice Changer App Options for Xbox


Let us check out the best voice changer options available for Xbox. In fact, there aren’t any apps or software options specifically designed for Xbox, but a host of options available should work best with your Xbox as well. 


1. Voice Changer for Gaming 


An Android app designed for the purpose of improved efficiency and performance in terms of gaming, it can provide you access to a high-quality real-time free voice changer app for perfect gaming efficiency. The best part with the app is that it can run in the background or even with the screen off.




  • The app provides you access to a low cost no latency noise gate filter that can be helpful in podcasts and other broadcasting needs
  • The availability of Xbox gaming controller makes it extremely compatible with Xbox along with AUX and Y Splitter. 
  • Mobile gaming support 
  • It also supports phone calls, Skype and WhatsApp


2. Robovox Voice Changer Software


Robovox Voice changer can easily work with your Android device. The app should also work efficiently with your Xbox by connecting your phone to Xbox. You can get access to several voice formats that include robots, music and a wide range of other options. 

Robovox Voice Changer Software




  • Support for more than 32 voice styles with different pitch modulation 
  • Several real-time modes to choose from
  • It can save your files as WAV files with the best free voice changer
  • The parrot function provides you access to repeating the voice
  • The interface may appear a little outdated


3. Clownfish Voice Changer


This is yet another great option to change the human voice in real-time. The best part with the software lies in the fact that it can be installed at the system level. It can be used even with Xbox with the help of a microphone.


Clownfish Voice Changer



  • Support for virtual studio platform plugin 
  • Availability for both 32 and 64 bit systems. 
  • You can edit or save the audio you created. 
  • Different options, such as Male pitch, Silence, Robot, and Radio.
  • Built-in sound player


4. MorphVOX Voice changer software- A good option for a voice changer for Xbox


MorphVox is yet another excellent choice for the best in terms of a voice changer for Xbox One or other Xbox devices. It can help change the tone and pitch quality of your voice. In fact, we would be able to make them sound like a woman or a man.


MorphVOX Voice changer software



  • High-quality voice changing facility
  • You can integrate it with a host of games and chats
  • Lower consumption of CPU usage 
  • Built-in voices and effects


5. VoiceMod


VoiceMod is a powerful tool, and that should make it a perfect choice for the best voice changer for Xbox One or other versions. A simple voice modulator, it can be your best bet for almost all your needs. It can be used for both online games and PC. 






  • Compatibility with multiple applications and software 
  • Supports a huge number of effects 
  • Change voice in real-time
  • Easy to use interface 


Top 5 Best Free Voice Changer app options for Discord


Discord is a powerful gaming communication software. One of the excellent voice and text communication software for communicating with fellow gamers, it should be one of the right choices you would want to go with. 


1. Voxal Voice Changer 


Voxal Voice Changer is one of the prime options for most of your needs in the best free voice changer for Discord. Installing it is a cakewalk and even the program is easy to use. While you have access to the free version of the software, the functionality of the free version can be quite limited. 


Voxal Voice Changer



  • It comes with a low CPU usage 
  • Easy to use interface
  • You can add effects to both live and recorded voices 
  • May not work with Steam games 


2. Discord Voice Changer 

As the name itself indicates, the tool is specifically designed to work with Discord. The interface is quite simple and easy to use. While finding a non-Android version can be a little tricky, but worthy of the attempt. In essence, it is the perfect free voice changer for Discord.


Discord Voice Changer



  • Easy integration with Discord 
  • Picking a voice can be much easy and simple. 
  • Lower CPU usage 
  • Make sure you have access to the reliable version 


3. Super Voice Changer


Super Voice Changer is easy to use and lightweight tool in case you are checking out the best voice changer for Discord. It comes with three different voices you can manipulate. In fact, the tool offers a truly deeper manipulation of the voices.


Super Voice Changer



  • Offers a deeper customisation 
  • Save your settings so that you can use it frequently
  • Loads rather quickly. 
  • Uses low power. 


4. Audio for Fun


Are you looking for an advanced voice changer for Discord? Audio for Fun should be your best bet for the great free voice changer for Discord. The software is more geared towards Skype, and that is precisely what can make it less effective with Discord.


audio for fun




  • Advanced voice morphing performance 
  • Flexibility with free and paid options 
  • Easy customisation options 
  • Can double up as the great girl voice changer


5. Voice Changer with Effects 


While the voice changer is an excellent option with its features, it is a little difficult to work with Discord. It is more easy to work with on smartphones and may be a little uncomfortable with desktops. 



  • A huge number of voice effects
  • Save your recordings for later usage 
  • Easy to work with
  • Integrating with Discord can be a little tricky


Best Voice changer online free tools  


Having checked out the software tools, we thought of checking out a few tools for online options to change the voice. Check out the following voice changer online free tools. 


1. Voice Changer 


Voice Changer is one of the powerful options for transforming your voice with the best effects. You can customise the voice the way you want to. You can even add different images to your files.


Voice changer



  • You can record your voice with a microphone or through a web browser
  • Supports multiple voice effects 
  • Replace your audio file with a new voice 
  • You can use if for the best girl voice changer


2. Online Tone Generator – Easy to use voice changer online free


In addition to offering you the best tone generation option, the Online Tone Generator can also double up into a great option to modulate your voice. Of course, you can not record your audio with this tool. You can record your audio on another tool and then use this voice changer to modulate the voice. 


Online Tone Generator


The tool also provides you access to the pitch shifter, which further enhances your experience. Saving the files you generated can be one of the excellent options you would find rather impressive. 


3. LingoJam 


This is one of the powerful options for the online voice changers and provides you access to a female to male voice changer. You can even use the online tool to create your own online translator. The pitch changer options can further make it one of the prime options. 


lingo jam


The tool also comes with a few pre-set audio tones that can help you add voice effects to your audio recordings. You can not choose the file format for the output file. The file is saved in WAV format alone. 


4. MyVoiceMod 


This is one of the best tools for recording or modulating the voice. It provides you an effortless option to help you change your voice with ease. You can choose to record your new audio file or opt for an existing file. 




The tool lets you add up effects as per your preferences. You have access to around twelve voice effects to choose from. You can even preview the results and then download them. 


5. Voice Spice Recorder


The text to speech option available on the online tool can be one of the huge plus points. You get access to a basic set of audio recording options to pick. The tool provides you access to a special effects such as Hell Demon and Space Squirrel. 


voice spice recorder


The Voice Spice recorder lets you share your files to Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. You can even create a shareable link so that you can share those audio files onto your own favourite sites. 


How to Edit Audio files easily?


There are times when you may want to change the recordings further by making more changes to your voice files. There are times when you are attempting to replace an original audio track with a new one. DVDFab Toolkit can be one of the excellent options in this perspective. It can be your best bet for how to change your voice with the best voice changer app. 


DVDFab Toolkit can offer you an excellent option for applying any of your requited effects on your audio files. If you have a video with improper audio at the background, it may be a great idea to remux your audio. The Remux Audio Tool that forms part of the DVDFab Toolkit can help replace the original audio track. 

A few great features of the DVDFab Tool Kit can include


  • A flexible interface: A cleaner and easy to use interface so that you can use any section of the tool with ease.


  • Batch conversion: The tool lets you replace audio on multiple videos simultaneously. 


  • Editing functions for your video: You can edit your video file as per your preferences. In addition to replacing the audio track, you can apply a host of video editing. You can delay the audio, choose an output format, and pick the desired video resolution.


  • Drag and drop feature: Drag and drop feature to add your files to the tool can be what will make it one of the excellent options.


How to Change Your Voice with DVDFab Toolkit?


The steps here should help you replace the audio track with a new one:

Step 1: Install and launch DVDFab Toolkit


Installing DVDFab Toolkit should be an easy task. The software is available on the official site, and downloading and installing can be quite easy. Click on Remux Audio option on the toolkit.


DVDFab toolkit


Step 2: Add your files 


You can use the PLUS icon to add your video files. You may also drag and drop your files onto the interface. 


dvdfab toolkit


Step 3: Replace the Audio track 


Click on the three-dot menu to add the audio file you want to add to the file. You would find that the audio filed is empty and will be populated after you add the audio file to inserted. In addition, you can also make other changes to the video such as changing codec, resolution and video quality. 


dvdfab toolkit


Step 4: Export your video with replaced audio


Choose the output folder and click on START to begin exporting and saving your new video file. You should find the progress indicator, and the file is saved in the output folder you pick.


DVDfab toolkit


The Closing Thoughts


Well, voice changers and an ability to customise your audio track on the video file can be what would make your gaming experience all the more effective and wonderful. The ability for changing the voice can prove to be an incredibly excellent option, both fun and enhancing your enjoyment.

The free voice changer app and tools outlined in the above discussion should help you arrive at the best options to use the best voice changer functionality.