top 10 video to gif converters to convert video to gif easily 

Almost all developers portray their software and applications as the best for their needs. However, it takes the end-user to validate if a particular software or app is truly the best! Here, we have compiled a true list for the best free video to GIF converters. These converters are available as software apps, mobile apps, and web-based apps. Interestingly, these converters accept various video formats to convert them to GIF format as fast as possible.

Without saying much, let's take a tour to understand how to convert video to GIF without losing quality.

Top 10 Video to GIF Converters for Free GIF Conversion


1. DVDFab Toolkit (Video to GIF Converter)

Video to gif converter

DVDFab Toolkit is an exceptional software suite packed with a plethora of handy tools that help for various purposes. Interestingly, these tools available on DVDFab Toolkit are free to access and use. The “Video to GIF” converter tool on this suite makes a perfect choice for anyone looking to convert video to GIF for different reasons.

This software suite is available for Windows users; thus, all its tools are freely accessible on Windows computers. DVDFab Video to GIF converter flaunts an intuitive interface that is very easy to understand; it accepts any video format and provides the features you need to convert video to GIF without losing quality.

To start using this free app, you need to download the DVDFab Toolkit software for your OS. There are other tools provided in the suite – it also contains a GIF to Video converter tool that allows you to convert GIF to high-quality video formats.

Supported video formats:

3GP, ASF, AVI, FLV, M2TS, MOV, MP4, M4V, MPEG, DAT, MKV, RMVB, RM, TS, VOB, WMV, MP3, AAC, AC3, M4A, FLAC, and more.

Output video resolution:

Best quality, high-quality, medium quality, low-quality




Support simple video conversion and video editing features, for more, check out top 10 free video editing methods.


2. Imgur


Imgur is a web-based video to GIF converter. It is a free tool and can be accessed on all platforms or devices. However, Imgur does not support uploading videos from local storage; you will need to provide a video link. The Imgur platform analyzes video links and loads the video file so that you can convert it to GIF format.

You can create custom GIFs from a video using Imgur; plus, the GIFs can be any length. Interestingly, you don't need to sign up before you can create GIFs with Imgur; however, you will need to create an account for more features and benefits.

Supported video formats:

Custom video URLs from video hosting sites and cloud platforms

Output video resolution:

High quality, medium quality, low quality

3. Cute Video to GIF Converter Free

cute video

With the Cute Video to GIF Converter software, you can convert any video file to GIF format. It flaunts a pleasant user interface and is available to Windows users. This free video to GIF converter accepts over fifteen (15) video formats, including AVI, WMV, MPEG, MOV, FLV, MP4, and many more. You will gain access to all features of the app directly from the interface – every tool for creating GIFs are well-arranged in tabs.

This freeware can come in as a handy alternative to web-based tools, commonly referred to as video to GIF converter online tools. For Windows OS users, this can be the best converter to use when you want to convert video to GIF files.

Input video format:


Output video resolution:

Digital Quality, 600 x 426

4. Amazing Share Free Video to GIF Converter

gif converter

The Amazing Share Video to GIF Converter software is a pretty intuitive app, recommendable for everyone looking out for how to convert video to GIF for free. It is a freeware with a couple of features that are best suited for its purpose – video conversion. Interestingly , this software grabs all kinds of video formats include online videos from Facebook, YouTube, and other similar sites.

With your video file uploaded to the interface, you can customize quite a bunch of parameters to create a perfect GIF from the video for your need. Amazing Share Video to GIF Converter software looks to be a nice option for all PC users.

Input video format:

MP4, AVI, MPG, WMV, FLV, MOV, VOB, MKV, video, etc

Output video resolution:

Good quality

5. Make A GIF

make a gif

From the name, one could easily tell the function of this application. Well, it is a GIF maker that lets you create GIF images from various video formats. MakeAGif is a web-based app – it is arguably the best online video to GIF converter tool. Also, MakeAGif supports some editing tools that let you edit you're the part of your video you wish to turn into a GIF.

However, the free version will leave a watermark on the GIF; plus, you cannot upload videos that exceed 25MB size. To cut off these limitations, the best option could be to find a software like DVDFab Toolkit that lets you convert video to GIF without losing quality and without watermark.

Input video format:


Output video resolution:

Automatic quality

6. Any GIF Animator

gif animator

Any GIF Animator comes in handy for people looking to convert video to GIF on Windows computers. It is a simplified free video to GIF converter, supporting quite a variety of video formats, which include ASF, WEBM, MPG, AVI, MPEG, etc. The interface featured by this freeware is superb and easy to use; users can easily import their video files from different sources and turn them to GIF files as fast as possible.

Interestingly, there are a couple of parameters to configure when using Any Video to GIF converter. All these interesting features are available for free on the software. It is simply one of the best free video to GIF converter.

Input video format:


Output video resolution:

Automatic quality


The next video to GIF converters work on mobile phones, and they also come in handy when looking to convert GIF to video for Instagram or convert video to GIF on android.

7. GIF Maker / GIF Editor Mobile App

gif editor mobile app

This mobile app is quite a comprehensive one designed for Android users; it looks to be a perfect tool when you wish to convert video to GIF on Android smartphones. The app is compatible with almost all Android smartphones running on version 4.4 or newer versions. It packs an easy-to-navigate interface and lets you create GIF files from various other file formats.

GIF Maker for Android also helps to convert GIF to video for Instagram, as well as supports instant sharing to other social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and the rest. This app's interesting features include its ability to convert video to GIF without losing quality, combine multiple images to GIF, create GIFs from recorded videos, and record your screen to convert to GIF.

The app goes on to support editing tools; hence, users can also edit the GIF files to suit their preference or need. Simply put, this is the best app to convert video to GIF on Android.

Input video format:

MP4, MOV, MKV, PNG, FLV, and 3GP

Output video resolutions:

High quality, medium quality, low quality

8. GIF Maker-Video to GIF

gif maker

The GIF Maker Android app allows you to convert video to GIF, as well as convert GIF to video for Instagram. It is a powerful, multi-feature Android app with a clear-cut interface. This mobile doubles as a meme creator – a great app for Android smartphone users. You can create GIFs from the video files saved on your device or use the screen recording feature to create GIFs from recorded clips.

More so, this GIF Maker app allows you to perform some editing functions before exporting your GIF file to share on social media or use it for other purposes. One of the exciting features of this app is the “Reverse GIF” feature. This mobile app is totally available for free for Android users.

Input video format:

MP4, MOV, MKV, PNG, FLV, and 3GP

Output video resolutions:

High quality, medium quality, low quality

9. Video to GIF-GIF Maker

video to gif

When looking for how to “convert video to gif iPhone,” this is one of the apps you should consider to use. This app doesn't just allow you to convert your local videos to GIF; it also supports YouTube to GIF conversions, which means you can directly convert YouTube videos to GIF with the app. It has a distinctive interface for GIF conversion and supports high-quality resolutions.

It is possible to edit and customize the resulting GIF image, thanks to the bunch of editing tools supported by this app. More so, you can create GIFs from live videos using this mobile app. Simply put, this is an all-around intuitive tool to convert video to GIF iPhone.

Input video format :

MP4, MOV, MKV, PNG, FLV, and 3GP

Output video resolutions:

High quality, medium quality, low quality

10. Live Photos on the iPhone

Even without using a 3rd party mobile app, it is possible to create GIF images for free on iPhones. This process works with the Live Photos app on iPhones, and obviously, this is totally free to use. The process of turning your videos to GIF using this bloatware app is simple to understand.

Live Photos is available on iPhone 6S and other latter iPhones.

  • Open your iPhone's camera and shoot a Live Photo (on the camera interface, click the bulls-eye icon at the top).

  • View the Live Photo and perform a swipe up gesture from the bottom, or tap and hold the bottom of the photo.

  • Select Loop from the options you will see. Also, you can choose Bounce.

  • When you choose the Loop option – it creates a three-second GIF using the Live Photo.

  • In contrast, when you select Bounce, the Live Photo will animate back and forth continually.

However, this isn't actually creating a GIF from a video. This method is introduced for people who do not like app-clustered iPhones. Alternatively, you can always use an online video to GIF converter to create GIFs on any device.



Among all the apps, software, and web-based tools listed in this article, the DVDFab Toolkit looks to be the best. It allows you to convert video to GIF in best quality, supports multiple resolutions, as well as creates GIF without watermark for free. More so, DVDFab Toolkit packs a bunch of other important solutions that serve many needs; they are all available for free and easy to use, like compress video files and convert video files into different formats.

Using online tools to convert video to GIF is possible across devices and systems irrespective of the OS. All you need is an active internet and web browser.