top 10 best free powerpoint PPT to video converters for your review


When you convert your PowerPoint presentation to video format, it prevents other people from modifying your work. It makes the presentation more flexible and easy to play on many devices (handheld and computers). There are quite many benefits of converting PowerPoint files to video. So, if you're looking for how to convert PowerPoint to video files, this article explains everything just the way you will understand. It also covers the top best PPT to video converter software and tools for Windows and macOS computers. 


However, converting PowerPoint presentations to a video format does not actually require a third party software if you use Microsoft Office 2010 or later versions. 


1. How To Convert PowerPoint To Video File Using MS PowerPoint 2010 or Later


convert ppt to video

  • Launch PowerPoint and open your presentation or create a new one 

  • Click on File and choose

    • Save & Send (for MS PowerPoint 2010)

    • Export (for MS PowerPoint 2013 or later)

    • Save as Movie (MS PowerPoint for Mac)

    • Create a Video (for Windows)

  • Convert the PowerPoint presentation to video. It will typically save as MOV or MP4.


But if your PowerPoint version is older than 2010, you need to use any of these PPT to video converters.


Top 10 Free PPT PowerPoint to Video Converters

This list contains web-based tools that let you convert PPT to video online free, as well as PPT to video converters for Mac and Windows. 

1. Online-Convert MP4 Converter

online convert mp4 converter copy

Online-Convert offers a universal tool that allows you to convert various types of files to MP4 video format. This MP4 converter accepts PPT formats, as well as other file formats. It is a flexible web-based tool for file conversion. Interestingly, this tool is totally available for free, works on all systems, and allows you to upload files from many sources. 

You can drag and drop a PPT file on the site's interface, upload a PPT file from DropBox/Google Drive/Custom URL, or choose from your local disk. More so, the Online-Convert MP4 converter provides a lot of video settings you can configure. It is possible to select a custom video size, adjust bitrates, and many other advanced video settings.  


Apparently, you won't find any other online PPT to video converter that provides vast options as Online-Convert MP4 converter.


2. ImTOO Convert PowerPoint to Video Software

Imtoo convert powerpoint to video


Quite interestingly, ImTOO provides a wide variety of software solutions for converting PPT files into various formats. The ImTOO PPT to video converter software is free to download and supports more than ten (10) video output formats. It supports all presentation formats (ppt, pptm, pptx, ppsx, pps, ppsm, potx, potm, and pot); plus, it works on all Windows OS versions. 


Furthermore, ImTOO PPT to video converter is lightweight, supports batch conversion (you can convert multiple files at a go), and the interface is multilingual. It is an all-inclusive software for people looking for how to convert PPT to video formats. The pro versions allow you to add watermarks to copyright your presentations.


3. Leawo PowerPoint to Video

leawo powerpoint to video converter

Leawo is a popular software developer; this PowerPoint to video converter from the developer is top-notch and works perfectly. It supports many presentation formats and flaunts an intuitive, easy to use interface. This software app is a professional PPT tool that can convert your presentation to many popular video formats. 


Also, it features a multilingual interface with all the necessary conversion tools arranged in strategic corners. Actually, this program supports up to 20 different video formats, and it does not change your presentation defaults (such as animations, effects, etc.). You can upload as many PPT files as possible and convert them right away.


4. iSpring River Software

ispring river ppt to video converter

When looking for how to convert PowerPoint to video files, iSpring River PPT to video converter is a professional software you should include in your list. The software is packed with handy features that really help for PowerPoint conversion into video formats. Interestingly, iSpring River will maintain all your PowerPoint effects and settings irrespective of the PowerPoint version (2007 – 2016).


More so, you will be able to adjust the parameters of the prospective video file; like change the video resolution, compressing the audio, etc. iSpring River PPT to video converter is flexible to use; the interface is such that anyone could understand; their technical knowledge notwithstanding. Nevertheless, you will have to pay for some premium features.


5. MP3Care

mp3care ppt to Video converter copy
MP3Care PPT to video converter is a simplified online tool that allows you to quickly convert PowerPoint to video without customizing various settings. It focuses on what really matters, and the site uses intelligent algorithms to fine-tune the resulting video. Your presentations will be converted to MP4 format.


Unfortunately, there is no way to choose a custom video output format when using MP3Care PPT to video converter. Simply upload your PPT files (one File at a go), choose a transmission time, and click "Convert." 


6. VeryPDF PowerPoint to MP4 Converter

verypdf powerpoint to mp4 converter

Here’s another impressive software app to consider when looking out for how to convert a PowerPoint presentation to a video file. VeryPDF PowerPoint to MP4 converter features a simplified interface that is easy to understand. You can upload as many PPT files as possible and convert them into MP4 video files in just a few clicks.


This software does not allow you to configure the video settings; it does that for you automatically when you click the "Convert" button. Nevertheless, you can choose between MP4 format and other supported output video formats. More interestingly, you will see the conversion progress right on the software’s interface in real-time. The VeryPDF software supports .ppt, .pptx, .pot, .pps, .ppsx, and .potx formats.


7. RZ PowerPoint Converter

rz powerpoint converter

Really, converting PowerPoint presentations to video format seems so easy with the RZ PowerPoint Converter. It is a flexible, professional PPT to video converter packed with a bunch of handy features for the need. The software is 100% safe to use, flaunts a clear-cut interface, and supports virtually all PowerPoint presentation formats. 


More so, you could convert the PowerPoint file to DVD format using this software. It simply provides a lot of options, but you'll need to upgrade to the PRO version to enjoy all those fancy features. RZ PowerPoint Converter outputs your PPT files in MP4 format (by default), but you can choose between other video formats.


8. Moyea PPT to Video Converter

Sites for client to share

As we continue on this list, the Moyea PPT to Video Converter is a worthy mention for anyone looking to convert PowerPoint to video format. One of the reasons to pick this software is the nicely designed user interface; it supports batch upload, as well as allow you to upload any presentation file. The Moyea PPT to Video Converter is free to download and can convert PPT to WMV, MPEG, FLV, MP4, VOB, 3GP/3G2, MOV, and more formats.


This software works on all Windows computers and requires minimal system specs to function. You can rely on this program if you haven’t yet found a PPT to Video converter software to use.


9. PowerDVDPoint Free PowerPoint to DVD Converter

Powerdvdpoint litefree ppt to dvd converter
This free PPT to DVD Converter software is available for Windows users. It assures accurate conversion from PPT to multiple video formats. The interesting fact is that you can also use this software to convert PowerPoint presentations to DVD right away. However, the DVD conversion features are available in the PRO version.

With PowerDVDPoint Free PowerPoint to DVD Converter, you can edit your presentations before converting them to DVD or other video formats. The interface is user-friendly, and all conversion/editing tools are easily accessible.


10. Focusky Free PPT to Video Converter

focusky ppt to video converter

Last but not least, on this list, Focusky Free PPT to Video Converter is a professional software that allows for PowerPoint to video conversions. It works quite differently from the other mentioned on this list. However, the main point is that it allows you to convert PowerPoint to video files. This Focusky software requires you to create an account before you can use it. Nevertheless, it presents a bunch of handy features and tools you will love to use.


What More?

These software applications will help you to convert PowerPoint to video formats for free. However, if you need to apply certain effects to the video, you will need to upgrade to these apps' pro version(s). The online tools are totally free forever, and you can access them from any computer (macOS or Windows); all you need is an active internet connection and web browser.


How To Convert Movie Maker Video To DVD? 

DVD players are quite rampant at the moment, while Windows Movie Maker is gone. If you have some old videos saved as WMV files and wish to convert them to other digital video formats, such as DVDs, here's how to do that.

DVDFab DVD Creator 

DVDFab DVD Creator is a world-class DVD creator software packed with tons of features and support for many input video formats. It allows you to convert your WMV files to DVD format quickly. DVDFab DVD Creator provides you with handy options to create DVD menus for the movies, as well as support a comprehensive “Advanced Settings” panel. Below is how to convert movie maker video to DVD using DVDFab DVD Creator.

dvdfab dvd creator copy

  • Download and Install DVDFab DVD Creator on your MacBook or PC

  • Launch the program and click on "Creator."

  • Upload the WMV file and click on "Advanced Settings" or "Menu."

  • Insert a blank disc (DVD) to your computer's DVD ROM

  • Click the "Start" button to convert WMV to DVD.

You can convert multiple movie maker videos at a go.


Besides, you can upscale the converted video from PPT slides to higher quality, for example, it supports video enhancement from 480p to 1080p, fantastic feature, right?


Lastly, we recommend you top 10 Popular Free Video Editing Methods to edit video easily online.