Whether you're looking for a solution to trim an audio file to set as your ringtone, or you need to accomplish an audio editing task, either of these online tools and software applications can be of great help. Having the best free audio editing software installed on your personal computer can trigger a great feeling of ecstasy; it means you can easily edit audio files at any time, and for different reasons.


Well, this article explains how to edit audio files using audio trimmer software applications for computers. It also lists the best online audio cutter solutions that are efficient and handy for various needs.


Also, if you are looking for free video editing tools, check out the top 10 free video editing methods.


1. Part 1: Online Audio Trimmer


An Online Audio Trimmer is a web-based application that allows an individual to cut/trim audio files for various purposes. Such a tool can also be referred to as an Online Audio Cutter application.


1. Clideo's Audio Cutter Online



The clideo's online audio editing tool helps you to trim or cut your video files in simple steps. It features a simplified interface and allows a couple of ways to upload your audio file. Clideo's Audio Cutter Online supports file upload from Dropbox, Google Drive, local storage, and URLs. More so, this audio cutter utility can accept various popular audio formats, which include MP3, WAV, OGG, etc. This is undoubtedly one of the best free online audio cutter tools to use at the moment.


How to use clideo's audio trimmer online tool


  • Visit the offcial website and upload your audio file using any of the supported "upload file" options.
  • Trim the audio ends to get the part you want, apply fades if you wish, and choose an output format.
  • Download the trimmed audio and enjoy on your device.





MP3CUT is an audio trimmer online application that allows you to instantly trim and cut audio files on any device or system; all you need is an internet browser and an active connection. The tool supports over a hundred audio formats and provides an intuitive, user- friendly interface for editing audio files. Interestingly, this online audio cutter app supports drag n drop file upload, as well as allows users to extract audio tracks from video files. Cloud storage such as Dropbox and Google Drive are supported as means of file upload.


How to use MP3CUT online audio cutter app


  • Upload your audio file on this MP3CUT using the available file upload options.

  • Trim and cut off unwanted parts of your audio.

  • Apply fade in/out (if you wish).

  • Download the trimmed audio and save on your preferred storage platform or drive.


3. Toolur Online MP3 Cutter




Toolur's tool can act as your best audio trimmer online application; the web-based app offers a variety of handy features and supports more options that its alternatives. You can upload big-size audio and video files (up to 300MB) and apply custom settings to personalize the file. Also, this comprehensive online audio cutter application supports a wide range of popular media formats. It is easy to use and not restricted to specific devices or OSes.


How to use Toolur's online audio editing app


  • Visit the website and upload your audio file-

  • Set the “start” and “end” times (in seconds)

  • Identify when to apply fade in/out effects

  • Select a volume level for your audio

  • Choose a format and click on "Cut Now."


2. Part Two: Audio Trimmer software


Unlike online audio editing apps or audio trimmer apps, an audio trimmer software needs to be installed on a computer system. It usually provides more features than web-based applications that may work for the purpose of audio editing.


4. DVDFab MP3 Cutter (Windows and Mac)


DVDFab MP3 Cutter is a free audio editing software that’s included in the DVDFab Toolkit’s package. The software features an intuitive interface and supports a wide variety of handy audio cutting tools. Interestingly, the DVDFab MP3 Cutter supports a lot of audio formats, as well as allows batch processing. Using this software doesn’t require any expertise; the simplified, intuitive interface makes it easily accessible by anyone. More interestingly, the conversion speed of DVDFab MP3 Cutter is highly impressive. Simply put, DVDFab MP3 Cutter is one of the best audio editing software.


How to use DVDFab audio cutter software



First step: download DVDFab Toolkit and install on your computer, launch the app after installation and select “Trim” from the “Audio Tools” section.



Second step : upload your audio files, you can import up to 5 or more tracks at a go. Also, you can drag and drop the files on the app's interface.



Third step : trim the audio files simultaneously using the dual sliders or simply set the times.



Fourth step : click on “start” to trim the audio files and save in your preferred folder.


5. Audacity (Linux, Mac, Windows)


Audacity is a popular cross-platform audio software with lots of features and add-ons. It is also among the best free audio editing software for beginners and professional audio engineers. The Audacity audio software offers more features than typical audio trimmer software apps. It is a comprehensive tool that may seem difficult for some uses due to its complex interface.


How to use Audacity edit audio files



  • Download the version for your operating system from

  • Install and launch the application

  • Upload your audio file and start editing using the various audio edit tools and built-ins

  • Export the resulting audio to your preferred storage


6. Free MP3 Cutter Joiner by DVDvideomedia (Windows)


The name already says it all; this is a free audio cutter app that allows Windows PC users to trim audio files as quickly as possible. It features an easy to understand interface with basic tools that help to edit audio files. This utility app supports a variety of formats, as well as supports joining separate audio files into one. If you're yet to choose your best audio editing software, this mp3 audio trimmer can be an ideal option.


How to use DVDvideomedia audio cutter software



  • Upload your audio file

  • Install the software on your Windows computer and launch it

  • Set the start and end times to cut out unwanted parts of your audio

  • Choose an output folder and save the trimmed audio files.


7. TwistedWave (macOS)


TwistedWave editor is among the best free audio editing software for Macintosh OS users. The software allows MacBook users to edit audio files or trim audio files without upgrading to a paid version. Although you need a pro version of the TwistedWave software to enjoy its entire feature , you can freely trim your audio files on the free version. Also, this audio editing software for mac supports many audio formats and allows batch processing of audio files.


How to use TwistedWave audio editing software mac



  • Install the software on your MacBook and launch it

  • Upload your audio files and use the trimming tools to cut out unwanted parts

  • Apply other audio editing actions if you wish

  • Export the trimmed file to a storage device


8. iMovie



Apple’s iMovie packs a lot of features and allows its users to carry out various video/audio editing tasks. iMovie can be used to edit or trim audio files on MacBook computers. The steps to trim audio files using iMovie aren’t intricate, and since iMovie is totally free for Apple devices users, it is the preferred choice of many Apple device owners.


How to edit audio in iMovie


  • Open iMovie and upload your audio file

  • You can directly trim the audio file in the media window by simply dragging the nodes at the left and right ends

  • Alternatively, for efficiency, you can add the audio to iMovie’s timeline and then trim the ends from the timeline by dragging the playheads. Right-click and select “Trim to Playhead.”


That’s it! Following the above steps, you can trim multiple audio files using iMovie on your MacBook.


Part 3: Top 2 Free Mobile Apps to Trim Audio


It is easier to cut, trim, and edit audio files on the go with mobile smartphones. Mobile apps provide much flexibility and easiness to various processes. Interestingly, there mobile apps to trim audio, and these apps are available for free across mobile app stores. However, below are the top-best mp3 audio trimmer applications you can install right now and start enjoying audio cutting on the fly.


9. Music Trimmer (Android)


This distinctive mobile application allows Android smartphone users to edit audio files from anywhere. It is a free audio cutter app featuring the basic tools required for trimming and cutting audio files. The interface of this app is simply intuitive, and it features a built-in audio player.


Music Trimmer is an ideal option for someone looking for a way to create custom ringtones from his/her favorite songs.


How to use MP3 Cutter on Android



  • Install the app from Google Playstore

  • Launch it on your smartphone and select the music you wish to cut/trim

  • Use the backward and forward selectors to trim the part of the music you want to save

  • Export the trimmed file to your device storage


10. MP3 Cutter (iOS)


MP3 Cutter is a multi-feature iOS application that allows iPhone and iPad users to perform audio editing functions with their mobile devices. The app is available as a free app on Apple's app store, and it features a well-designed interface. This mobile app also provides you with the option to share the trimmed audio files or save them to a cloud profile. Including support for tons of audio formats, MP3 cutter is the best audio editing app for iOS users.


How to use MP3 Cutter on iPhone or iPad



  • Go to the app store and install MP3 Cutter.

  • Select any audio file of your choice and trim the ends or cut it from the middle

  • Save the file or export it to cloud storage.


4. What more?


If you were looking for solutions on how to trim audio files, this article listed the best free audio editing software and mobile apps you can use to trim, cut, or split different audio formats. Interestingly, all these apps and software are available for free and do not require high specifications to run on their select platforms.