top 10 free vhs to dvd converters in 2020 to convert vhs tapes easily to DVD 

Convert vhs to dvd


​1.  5 Methods to Convert VHS to DVD

You may be having some VHS tapes that have not to be used for years, and you will lose the content that they carry. To prevent that from happening, a good solution is to convert VHS to DVD.

How this can be done are as follows:

1) Convert using a video capture device

The first thing that needs to be done is to connect VCR to PC. This is done with the help of a video capture device. The tape content now needs to be recorded on the hard drive of your suitable device. Once recorded, you can use DVD writing software to convert VHS to DVD. Check the speed of the hard drive, RAM, and processor of your PC for system requirements.

2) Convert using a DVD recorder

Connect the VCR to the desired DVD recorder. For the connection, look out for inputs of the DVD recorder and then insert the RCA analog stereo output and composite video output of VCR cable in them. Now insert an empty disc in the DVD recorder and VHS tape in the VCR that needs to be converted. Press on ‘Play’ and the VHS to DVD recorder will do its job.

3) Transfer using a DVD Recorder or VHS VCR Combination

Insert the blank DVD and VHS tape for conversion into the VHS to DVD converter machine combination unit. Now on one side of the unit, press ‘Play’ for VCR and ‘Record’ for DVD n the other side. The content of VHS tapes will be copied effortlessly.

4) VHS to DVD converter services

Now you can convert VHS to DVD with the help of various service providers. You just need to provide them with tapes and they will soon give you the converted discs.

Some of the service providers are:

Costro - This service supports formats like S-VHS, VHS-C, VHS, Super8, foreign(PAL) content to NTSC DVD, 8mm film, and much more. The rate to convert VHS to DVD is $20 for 2 tapes that include 2 hours of recording.


Walmart VHS to DVD converter service - This service supports formats like Betamax, MiniDV, DVCAM, VHS-C, VHS, Foreign, etc. The conversion price offered is $25 per tape that includes a maximum of 2 hours of the DVD recording. - The available formats for support are 8mm tape, 16mm film, Betamax, VHS-C, VHS, and MiniDV. They change $13 per tape to convert VHS to DVD.


5) Convert using DVDFab DVD Creator (Software)

It is one of the best VHS to DVD converter software which creates a DVD folder after converting content from camcorder videos or other videos of famous formats. This VHS to DVD burner uses built-in templates to modify the DVD menu.

The video clips present on tapes can easily be burned to DVDs. To facilitate the conversion, GPU hardware is used. It also allows you to edit the output files. The DVD file will be of high quality.

How to turn VHS into DVD - Steps for conversion:

Step 1: Import the video source for conversion once the DVD creator has been launched on the device.


vhs into dvd


Step 2: Make modifications if any, by using the option Advanced Setting, and you can create your DVD menu with beautifully designed templates.

dvd menu


Step 3: Select the target location to save converted files and initiate the process of DVD creation.


2. Top 10 Free VHS to DVD Converters (Hardware)

dvd Converters

1) Elgato video capture

This software uses the H.264 file format for the conversion of old VHS tapes to DVD. The video format is detected automatically to ensure compatibility. The video formats supported are SECAM, NTSC, PAL, and PAL/60. The inbuilt software can be downloaded with paying for it. SCART adapter is also provided along with it.

The maximum resolution for 4:3 ratios is 640*480 and 640*360 for 16:9 ratios. It has a trimming tool to capture and mark the beginning and end of the video. Any device that has S-Video outputs can be used by this software to capture video to PC. It is best VHS to DVD converter and is cost-effective and easy to use.




2) EAS VHS to DVD converter and Digital video grabber

With the advent of this reasonably priced software, you don’t have to worry about things like how to convert VHS to DVD. It produces a high-resolution output video and supports formats like PAL and NTSC. Bilateral SCART-RCA converter and RCA cable are also provided with it.

An alternate software is required to burn the files on DVDs. Audacity can be downloaded for this work. It supports both Windows XP or later and Mac OS X(10.6 to 10.12). The copyright content cannot be captured by this software. Maximum analog files are converted to modern digital formats such as WAV or MP3.



3) DIGITNOW USB Video grabber adapter


It aids in the creation of a high definition home video library. This is done using the USB 2.0 PnP interface. The video formats supported for conversion are VCR, V8, VHS, Hi8, NTSC, and PAL and can be converted to VCD or DVD. It can work on versions from Windows XP to Windows 10.

The VHS to DVD converter software is suitable for real-time MPEG 4/2/11 encoding. This VHS to DVD recorder has connectors for SCART, S-video, and AV-Cinch. It is small and convenient to carry with an adapter.


dvd recorder


4) Easy Link USB 2.0 VHS to DVD converter

This VHS to DVD converter machine helps in the conversion of large VHS collection to DVD. It includes a free VHS to DVD converter software installed in it and also requires drive installation. The license key should be entered correctly when software is being installed.

A USB 2.0 interface is available to capture the videos which make it easy to run without even using any kind of external power. The size of this product is very small and it is lightweight too. It extracts content for conversion from V8 or VHS using the file format H.264 to provide high-quality output.


usb 2.0


5) Top longer USB 2.0 Video grabber with audio

This software to convert VHS to DVD does not need an external power source and is a USB powered device. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac. The video sources can be connected to both of them. It uses the H.264 file format to produce high-quality files. It fastens the process of conversion too.

The video clips can be captured at a resolution of 720p and 30fps motion from a composite video source. It comes built-in with left and right RCA audio inputs. The sounds are synced with the video. It is very lightweight and easy to carry.

video grabber

6) V.TOP USB 2.0 video audio capture card VHS to DVD converter

This VHS to DVD converter machine facilitates snapshot function and is compatible with Mac OS. The manufacturer provides a link with this product to download software for audio editing. USB 2.0 is provided for connection with PC.

It supports almost all analog sources for conversion, especially capture from Betamax or VHS video. This VHS to DVD recorder allows you to edit and save the data in a digital format. It can even record MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 in real-time. They provide good customer support too.

vhs video


7) UCEC USB 2.0 video audio capture card device adapter

It can convert VHS tapes to DVD quite easily and efficiently. It works very well with video file formats like NTSC and PAL. It has a strong chip model and is compatible with a variety of interfaces. It works very efficiently and is easy to be carried with you.

The highest resolution available for the file format NTSC is 720*480 at 30fps and the highest resolution for PAL is 720*576 at 25fps. It is quite simple to use with no complications involved. Honestech software is pre-installed. If you sometimes miss your favorite TV shows or any sports events, it can capture and save those videos for you too.



8) VID BOX video conversion for MAC

This best VHS to DVD converter can support both Windows and Mac, but is specially designed to be used for Mac only. The kind of VHS file formats that it supports are VHS, Beta or tapes, 8mm, etc. and captures the videos using USB video capture device and the software.

It gives you the option to integrate the converted files into your iTunes library. These saved files can later be played using Quicktime. When the video is captured for conversion, it can be integrated with iMovie to make suitable changes for the output file. The file format for the output video is MOV. This VHS to DVD recorder can be bought at an affordable price and provides a video resolution of 640*480.



9) Clear Click video to digital converter

It can convert videos from formats like VHS, VCR, DVD, Hi8, camcorders, and gaming consoles. It has an inbuilt screen and speakers to record the videotape on this little device. There is no need for a computer for using this VHS to DVD converter machine.

However, it requires a system where the tape can be played.  If you wish to play the new files on a mobile phone, then you need to convert the files first with ones compatible with your device. The files can be saved easily. You can even share them with your friends too. It does your work very efficiently and can convert VHS tapes to DVD without causing any kind of damage.


digital converter


10) Lvozize VHS to digital DVD converter

It is suitable for all versions of Windows but is incapable of working with Mac. It aids in the conversion of the desired tape on your computer system and then burns those converted files into DVDs.

It has a software CD which is provided by the manufacturer himself. This VHS to DVD recorder also comes along with a USB 2.0 interface that facilitates the conversion of a number of file formats of the video source. The presence of Tape Player, however, does not ensure the burning directly to DVD. It allows direct digital conversion.


3. Improving DVD quality with the help of AI technology

The DVDFab DVD to Blu-ray Converter is professional software for the conversion of DVD to standard Blu-ray format. Once the conversion has taken place, the file can be saved on the computer’s HDD as Blu-ray folder.

The output file which will be received after conversion can be made to improving quality. The quality of such video can be updated to a format of 1080p with the help of a DVDFab Enlarger AI which is sold separately. You can buy it for enhancing the quality of the desired video by up to 300%. The converter is quite easy to use and is flexible. It offers a variety of features that can prove out to be beneficial for you.

The DVD Fab toolkit is always recommended for such tasks. It is one of the leading brands that can fulfill almost every audio and video editing requirement of yours.


Steps to enhance DVD quality using DVD to Blu-ray Converter:


dvd to blu-ray converter


Step 1: Before launching the DVDFab DVD to Blu-ray converter, you will need to download and install the Enlarger AI. Then run the DVDFab DVD to Blu-ray converter on your device. Now import the source file that needs to be converted by it.

Step 2: In the next step you can customize the conversion. You can go to the wrench icon and modify features like font, color, etc. These changes will be visible in the output Blu-ray file. So this step covers the personalization of output Blu-ray. Then you will need to enable the Enlarger AI function.

Step 3: Once you have set all the changes and the details have been mentioned, just initiate the process of conversion. Your DVD will be converted to Blu-ray quickly and very easily.

You do not need to worry about the quality of the output file. Even if by any chance your output Blu-ray is not up to the mark and of quality that you expected, the DVDFab Enlarger AI will upgrade the quality. It will give you the best quality experience that you may have not imagined so far. The result will be perfect and impressive.



Given the list of so many VHS to DVD conversion, it is now quite easy for you to go for the best choice available. Do look for the kind of converter that suits you the most. The majority of them are fitted with the best and innovative software to ensure you a safe and good quality output. It is now much easier to protect your old video clips from degrading and giving them a new life to thrive. Make your choice wisely.