Part 1: Why Do You Need A Region Free DVD Player?


Knowing what is a region free DVD player is essential, because at times you might not be able to access the regional video content through a normal DVD player at your home. A multi-regional or an all region DVD player does not require any code, even if you use it to watch DVD videos from different regions from around the world.


You might look for a DVD player all regions hack to find out how to make a DVD player play all regions video contents. However, a region free DVD player is much effective, as it modifies internal hardware that allows playback of all region discs. Instead of time consuming internet search for region code hacks, using an internally tailored DVD player that plays all regions is easier.


Can you buy a DVD player that plays all regions?


DVD player


Yes, you can get region free DVD player from all major and popular brands in different price range. However, there are some software applications like DVDFab player 6 that allow you play videos on your computers without facing any restrictions. You can check out their free trial for a limited time to try out the features of the software. You can upgrade the software after downloading, according to the features you want to add.


Amazon all region DVD player, Panasonic all region DVD player are some branded region free Blu ray DVD player devices that you can purchase to get a full HD DVD experience without any region restriction at home, while watching your favorite video content.


Part 2: 6 Top Rated Region Free DVD Player


Some of the highly rated region free DVD player software applications are described briefly along with their features.


1.  DVDFab Player 6


DVDFab Player 6 is the best region free DVD player software that is highly recommended based on its multiple useful features and positive reviews received from the users. The version of this all region DVD player download is available on both Windows and Mac OS. They provide a free trial of up to 30 days.


DVDFab Player


Its features include:


    • It is also all region Blu ray player projecting Ultra HD Blu ray playbacks.

    • Organizes media files through poster walls

    • 3D playback projection option for 3D media content

    • High-Resolution audio supported

    • Features adjustable thumbnail that gives a smart preview of the content

    • Customization available while creating and managing a playlist

    • Imports DVD and Blu ray discs to the local library

    • This best region free DVD player allows for switching in between PC and TV mode for preferred screen size

    • Hotkeys for user’s convenience



2.  VLC Media Player


It is the most popularly used free all region DVD player software that plays videos irrespective of its region it originates from. It fulfilling features include:


  • Plays different formats of audio, video, and image files ranging from MP3, MKV, H.264, MPEG-2, etc.

  • This all region blu ray player Burns Blu ray discs as well

  • The option of the open disc gives you the choice of opening a DVD, VCD, or Blu ray disc

  • Advanced control and customization of audio and video filters consisting of subtitles, tracks, and many more

  • It is completely ad-free so no disturbance

  • The installation process of this region free DVD player is simple and straightforward.




3.  5KPlayer


5KPlayer is a highly versatile DVD player as it comes with online video downloader and Airplay media streamer. It is free user-friendly software with a DVD player all regions free download.

VLC media player

Some of its features include:


  • Provides playback for any region DVD with region codes 1-6
  • Supports video and music playback of different formats such as MP3, MP4, FLAC, and many more.
  • This best region free DVD player also downloads videos and music from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and other more than 300 websites
  • Allows 4K, HD, and 360 screen resolution
  • Wireless streaming of audio-video
  • In-built radio player
  • Supports different format of subtitles




4.  Pot player


It is a multifunctional region free DVD player. Its unique features include:


  • It plays any region Blu-ray, DVD videos
  • Offers Open Codec support that does not require additional codes to play any regional DVD
  • Supports other additional output formats such as 3D glasses
  • Wide range for subtitle and video format
  • Allows you to bookmark your favorite scenes
  • Allows video exporting of different formats
  • This region free Blu ray DVD player allows customization option for logo, theme, and control


5.  GOM Player


It is one of the most versatile DVD players for the Windows version. It is a region free DVD player with remarkable features:

pot player

  • In-built wide range of codecs such as H.263, H.265, Vobris, FLAC, etc.

  • It provides 360 VR videos with widely ranged subtitle formats

  • Automatically updates the subtitle to its respective video

  • This DVD player that plays all regions also plays damaged video to some extent

  • Provides account upgrade to premier account for ads free and 4K resolution

  • Has low system requirements and maintenance

  • This best region free DVD player also allows into File Format (IFO) to play video


6.  Kodi Player


This all region DVD player software is an open-source and free DVD player. It is used to manage local digital media. It is easily compatible with Windows, Mac, Amazon TV, and IOS versioned devices.


GOM Player

Some of its noteworthy features include:


  • Allows any popular video format for playing Blu-ray, DVD, and CD videos

  • Provides auto playback and play mode features to the users for easy controls

  • It is a radio, music and TV show player as well

  • There are add on features that allow you to stream your favorite TV shows, movies, sports, or other video contents with ease

  • This region free DVD player creates a library with your local existing media files, along with added information such as genre, release data featuring movie poster or covers

  • Has its own third party extension

  • Easy to navigate and use



Part 3: More Advanced Features Of DVDFab Player 6


DVDFab Player 6 is the most preferred region free DVD player with attached multiple codecs. This allows you to enhance your experience of watching your favorite international or any regional movie without any restriction or having to enter foreign codes. Its additional feature includes automatic frequent updates at regular intervals.


It automatically downloads accurate metadata from major and popular online music databases that enrich your music collection. Your search for how to make your laptop DVD player region free ends here. DVDFab Player 6 can play any video format with ease including VOB files, giving you an enjoyable experience of watching your favorite movies without any regional restriction.

kodi Player


It allows smart management and organization of the local library as well to make your navigation and control easy. You can customize the video playlist for easier playback control. It has great mouse control navigation for customization of subtitles, playback speed, or other audio and video filters.


You can choose in between PC or TV mode according to your preference. This all region DVD player perfectly optimizes and adjusts to the video resolution irrespective of the screen size giving you a theatre experience at your home itself.




How to use DVDFab Player 6


After downloading and installing this all region DVD player download software, launch the software. For importing DVD contents, insert a DVD in the optical drive of your computer and load your local files. For any queries about this multiplayer, their online customer forum will be available for Windows and Mac users.




These Region free DVD player software download allow you to access international video contents. They are much effective than having to add foreign codes that keep changing from time to time.