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You can crop the video or trim the frame size by specifying the height aAfter Emoji’s, GIFs are the next best thing when you want to express yourself. Taking small clips from TV shows and movies, you express much more than an Emoji or even yourself. Your mobile apps and a lot of websites offer you a range of GIFs that you will get tired of watching but the GIFs won’t end. Many shows and movies keep coming out giving us unlimited opportunities to create even cooler and interesting GIFs. Let’s see the best methods to convert MOV to GIF that you can use on your Mac. Most of these converters will also work on Windows and web-based ones can be used independently of your device OS.


Part 1. 2 GIF to MOV converter [online]

This is a famous website not just as a free online MOV to GIF converter, but for various other types of conversions. It supports upload of files from your local computer as well as directly from a URL. No Signup is required for using this service.
online converter

You can crop the video or trim the frame size by specifying the height and width of the video. Once you click on the Convert button, you will get the Download Now link within a few seconds. The file is stored on the server for 24 hours and can be downloaded 10 times. You can also send it to your phone by using the “Send to Phone” link below the download button. It will generate a QR which you can scan with your mobile camera and then click on the URL it resolves to start the download.


This is one of the rare online tools to convert MOV to GIF with a feature to cut the video clip to a shorter size while conversion. 

This online tool can convert MOV to GIF while allowing for a lot of customizations except for shortening the video length for conversion to GIF.

gif to mov converter

This online GIF to MOV converter more than makes up for the absence of cut feature by providing advanced features like video compression, presets for Twitter, enhancement options, DPI adjustments and more. You can create an account on this website to unlock the ability to upload bigger files and save your presets for conversion.


Part 2. 2 GIF to MOV converter [software]

Online MOV to GIF converters and many open-source software which convert MOV to GIF are not designed for multiple file conversion or for handling long videos. With online MOV to GIF converters, you have to waste a lot of time uploading videos if they are long. Many websites even impose a size limit. In such a case you will first need to cut the clip separately before you can create GIF. Many online MOV to GIF converters don’t even support batch conversion. We gave a try to free tools like QGifer, but it just freezes up if you throw a big video size on it. Below we will discuss tools which can convert MOV to GIF no matter how big the file is, in which format it is and also supports batch conversion.


DVDFab MOV to GIF Converter

You will need to look no further than DVDFab Video to GIF Converter to convert MOV to GIF. With this tool, you can convert MOV to GIF offline in much less time than you will be able to do it online. And the best part is, it doesn’t matter how big your input file is. As soon as you load the file, the application is ready to convert the MOV to GIF. You get your GIF within a few seconds without any loss of quality of the frames. It is an open-source application and supports all major video formats out there like FLV, MKV and WEBM.


Step 1: Begin by downloading the application and installing it on your Mac or Windows computer.


Step 2: Launch the application and select the Video to GIF icon present under the Image Tools.

dvdfab mov to gif converter

Step 3: Drag and drop your files on the new window that opens or click on the plus button in the centre of the screen to load one or more files.
convert to gif


Step 4: When the files are loaded to the interface, you just need to select the duration of the clip you want to convert to GIF. Decide if you want to loop the GIF infinitely, the size of the GIF and the speed of playback. You need to do this for each video. After that, change the output directory specified in the Save to section at the bottom of the screen and press Start.

convert to gif

The free version of the application lets you create 15 seconds of GIF for free which is sufficient for most users. And, it could also serve as a good way to edit video if you try out some of its other video editing features. 


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MiniTool MovieMaker to Convert MOV to GIF

If you are looking for a free solution to turn MOV to GIF, MiniTool MovieMaker can be the answer. It is a MovieMaker utility that can churn out GIF files from any video format.

convert gif

Step 1: Add the MOV file using the “Add Media Files” button.
Step 2: Drag the video file to the storyboard.
Step 3: Split the video to the required dimensions, apply filters and add any text if required.
Step 4: Click on the Export button and select the GIF format.
Step 5. Choose the Resolution, Size and Duration of the GIF and click on Export.


The problem with this application is the speed of conversion which is slower (no hardware acceleration) and no support for batch conversion.


Part 3. 2 GIF to MOV converter [app]

There are many apps in the Android and iOS ecosystem that help you convert video to GIF. Most of these apps have ads but you can make a purchase to make the app ad-free. Before you use such an app, keep in mind that a smartphone has less processing power than a computer and hence it is suggested that you keep the input file size small. If the below apps still crash or hang up or are slow, you can try reducing the frame rates. A higher number of frames will ensure greater quality but require proportionally more resources.


Free Image Converter

This is a combination of online and mobile app converters. The app connects to to upload the file from your app to the cloud, converts it and then you can download it back to your smartphone.

image converter 

Since the conversion is handled on the cloud, there is no reason for the app to crash. The process is as fast as your internet speed can upload and download the file. In terms of customizations, it lets you resize the video, change quality, compression and colour depth.


File Converter 

This is a big utility for smartphones to do various types of conversion. Importantly, it can convert MOV to GIF. This too is a cloud-based solution but on the upside, this allows it to offer you loads of functionalities. You can resize the frames, Deskew (straighten the image automatically), rotate, adjust DPI, magnify, and define colour settings like Monochrome, Negate, etc.

file converter  

The best thing we like about this tool is its ability to import videos from a variety of sources. You can import an existing file, use the camera to record a video and even give it a URL to directly download the file from the internet and convert it.




We searched a lot for tools that can convert MOV to GIF without compromising on any criteria. Online and mobile-based applications are all dependent on the internet and hence come with their limitations. Desktop-based applications are best suited to convert MOV to GIF in a stable way.


DVDFab MOV to GIF converter stands out in its ability to do such conversions and is, without doubt, the best application you can get for this task. Besides, you can also convert GIF to MOV with its another video to GIF feature! Here we are also recommending you any video to GIF converters without any limitation set for the video formats!