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VOB is a type of DVD video object files. The VOB file extension contains all the data including video subtitles or digital audio. The file structure is designed to streamline all these elements of media together. VOB file extension allows encryption of data too. The VOB files are present in the VIDEO_TS folder of a DVD. The maximum size of the file can be 1 GB.


Part 1: How to Open VOB Files?


If you are unable to open a VOB file on your desktop, then there is a possibility that you may not have the compatible software for opening VOB file extension. You need to have VOB file player software installed on your PC or device.


If the file still does not open upon the installation of VOB player software, it is possible that the file may be corrupted or is infected with any kind of virus. It is also possible that your device may not have enough hardware resources to open the VOB file extension. The encoding techniques supported by VOB video files are based on MPEG.


vob video


In case these are the issues, then they can be resolved. Even after that if the VOB file is not opening, then you need to look for professional help. Sometimes you require authentication and decryption keys to playback encrypted VOB files. The entire process is facilitated by CSS decryption software.


Part 2: Can I Play VOB Files on Windows or Mac?


Different VOB file player applications are available for playing VOB files. If the device is still not able to support this particular format, then the file can be converted into a minor format that is easily detected by the device, and then the data can be played.


Widely supported compression formats are used to convert VOB file to mp4 or any other format. With these modern methods of conversion, you need not worry about things like how do I play a VOB file.


vob file


This alternative way to play VOB files—— to convert VOB into MP4 format as MP4 is the most compatible video format with all kinds of players. You could use a video converter software to undertake this conversion, or simply converting the file online will do.



Part 3: Top 10 VOB File Players for Windows or Mac


As you already know, a VOB compatible media player is needed to play the VOB file extension on your respective device. Before that, we’ve also talked about what is a VOB file——these files are multimedia containers which are available on DVDs, which are used to store all the crucial information found on the disc in the form of video, audio, or subtitles.


Let’s just go straight to the topic of today: top 10 VOB Players that we picked out for you to play VOB files on Windows and Mac easily.


1. Top 5 VOB File Players for Windows


1) DVDFab Player 6 - Best VOB file player


The VOB files can be played using DVD Fab Player 6. It rated is among the advanced and leading software for playing the VOB files and most other audio and video formats. This VOB file player has two modes, that is, PC and TV for playing DVDs. It is compatible with most of the DVD files.


dvdfab Player


The encrypted DVDs can be played easily by this VOB file player software, which is by removing the encryptions. Here is how to play VOB files on Windows 10.

  • DVDFab Player 6 is one of the best VOB Player for Windows 10. Download the software on your device by clicking on ‘Download Now‘. It is also compatible with Mac OS.

  • Once the VOB file player software has been downloaded, launch it on your device after installation. On opening the app, you will have to select the modes. There are two modes available- PC and TV. Select PC mode of this VOB file player for running files on Windows 10.

  • Now load the DVD movie source. Go to disc to select the file, or surf through File Explorer if your DVD source has been saved as a folder file.

  • Once the file has been selected, play it on the DVDFab Player 6. Get ready to immerse yourself in the magic of movie world. This user-friendly VOB file player app gives you the best viewing experience.


2) Media Player Classic


It is free VOB file player software that fully supports multi audio channels. It provides the options to modify screen-size, zoom, subtitles, multi-audio, etc. It plays the data with the menu and original resolution. The quality is never altered. The file will be compatible to be used on Windows10 with the help of this fabulous VOB player software.


media player classic


3) Power DVD


You can use this VOB file player software for free until its trial period ends. It provides features similar to DVDFab Player 6, but is more expensive than that. It is a powerful DVD player. You make as many changes in the file as you want.


power dvd


4) All Player


This is great VOB file player software for Windows 10. It is free to use, but it cannot play the videos directly. It can play DVD files having .vob extension with the help of a VOB file converter. The discs need to have access to the VOB file extension, and then only the data can be played on this VOB file player software.


all player


5) KM Player


It is also free software to watch 3D, 4K, and UHD videos. Sometimes may also download a video from the internet and the format may not be supported by your device. To solve this issue, you can convert VOB to DVD player format and enjoy watching your video easily.


km player


6) Pot Player


This VOB file player provides good quality performance, and is free software for Windows 10. DVXA and technologies like CUDA are used by this software extensively to accelerate the hardware. You can even use a sound card on your device while using this software. The data from DVDs and Blu-Ray discs can be played on this software in every format.


pot player


2. Top 5 VOB File Players for Mac


6) DVDFab Player 6


dvdfb Ppayer


If you want to play VOB files on Mac then the best option for you is to go for DVDFab Player 6. It has advanced features for enhanced compatibility, stability, and playback smoothness. It is even compatible if you convert VOB file to mp4 or any other format. This multimedia software has a great output quality.


The audio and video quality is of top resolution, and not altered from the original file. The media formats supported by this VOB file player are MKV, MOV, MP4, VOB, and many more. You can maintain all the data securely on this software.


Four 3D playback, output modes are available, namely 3D-Ready HDTV, Anaglyph Red, HDMI 1.4, and Micro-polarizer LCD 3D. The navigation menu provides major features for output and playback control.


The Preview feature is available to see if the movie or video you wish to watch is worth your time. There is also an option on this VOB player to create your playlist. The files can be loaded on the playback window, and can be sorted according to the name or type later.


7) Apple DVD Player


It is simple and efficient VOB file player software developed by Apple itself. The primary function of this software is to manage the VOB files and play DVD files easily. It does not harbor any kind of special features but it provides additional support for some discs that are created with DVD Player 4.5.


apple dvd player


8) Flip4Mac


This is nice software to play VOB files on Mac. It can play a lot of formats than expected. It is the only software that allows Apple users to play the WMV files with full smoothness.




It also acts as a great player for Mac to play the VOB files. It features many other useful features locked behind a paywall. This VOB file player software has a built-in retina display support too. It is one of the best players so far.


9) MPlayerX


This VOB file player software is widely used by many people. One of the finest features of this software is that it provides touchpad support. This is extremely beneficial for MacBook users.




Users can easily control the aspects of playback with the help of swipes, taps, and pinches. Moreover, if you are thinking of getting software for home theatre, it is the best choice for you. It is highly compatible with large screen TVs.


10) UM Player


This is free software and a great VOB file player for Mac. You can watch local videos as well as online videos or movies using this application. It is popular for playing even the damaged or corrupted files. The VOB player is quite reliable and secure to be used. It uses numerous codecs and is efficient in downloading the subtitles automatically.


um player


Part 4: Can I Convert VOB Files to Video Formats?


1) Online Conversion with CloudConvert


You might not want to download new software for playing VOB file extension. If that is the case, you will need an online conversion tool for that. CloudConvert is one such free online tool for you.




This free online converter can convert your audio or video files into desired formats easily and quickly. You don’t need to worry about queries like can I convert VOB files to mp4 or any other format of your choice.


It is even capable of converting your documents, images, ebooks, and many other things into a compatible format. There are customization options available while the conversion of your file takes place.


You can make the desired changes and get the output without any alteration in the quality. This online software allows you to do the process of VOB file extension conversion directly from the Google Drive accounts or the Dropbox, depending on the location of your file.


2) Professional Conversion with DVDFab Video Converter


VOB files are generally found on DVDs, but you may also come across some VOB files that are available online, but cannot be played on your device. The best workaround is to use DVDFab Video Converter for conversion of your VOB file into a simpler format that can be supported by your device like mp4.


This is a great tool to convert VOB file extension to more extensively used video formats. It is the best professional converter to convert the VOB files into your favorite formats. It completes your work faster, and supports many formats as compared to other software.


It comes with options of video editing, batch conversion, file merging, and wireless file transfer to mobile devices. You will just have to load the source file, select the customization options and start the conversion of a particular file format.


The converter supports many special customization options and editing tools that may be required by you. Before VOB file extension conversion, make necessary changes and enhance the output quality of your file.


The quality is never degraded and you receive the best output. There is plenty of software available in the market, but DVDFab Video Converter is the most reliable and the best choice for professionals. The numerous features available in this player make it unbeatable.


DVDFab toolkit is your complete package for all your audio and video editing requirements. Professional editors choose DVDFab products, because they provide proactive customer support to their users.


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