These days downloading and storing content such as music, videos, and images can be one of the excellent options. You can even store your data on a USB stick or cloud storage. However, that should mean you should dispose off your old CDs and other physical media. From that perspective, we thought of listing out a few good options for the best free CD Burning software options you can try out. 


Top 10 free CD Burning software 

Several options can prove to be effective and efficient in providing you access to an enhanced experience in saving your CDs and other physical media with ease. You should be able to find a host of CD or DVD burners that have proved to be efficient with their burning capabilities. 

1.    DVDFab DVD Creator 

DVDFab DVD Creator has been one of the excellent options for an efficient CD or DVD burning with ease. You can use it for burning a host of content onto your CD/DVD or even Blu-rays. The software can copy and burn the content available in a wide range of formats such as MKV, MP4, AVI, 3GP or a lot more formats. You should be able to download videos from online sources or websites with ease. 


Top 4 Features of this excellent free CD burning software:

●    Create a disc from any video or other media content – DVDFab DVD Creator supports multiple formats such as DVD-9, DVD-5, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R DL, and DVD-R DL. Provide the customisation options of your preferences to your videos. 
●    Intuitive Menu templates – Navigation menu can be one of the prime features to make it an interesting option for an improved playback experience. You will get access to static and dynamic menu templates. The library with stylish and modern looking templates can further make it one of the excellent options. 
●    Customisable settings – The settings offered by the product are entirely flexible and customisable. This can help make your discs more flexible, unique and completely customised. The customised design should further make it one of the exciting options. 
●    Advanced technologies – Use of advanced technologies make it a great choice with hardware acceleration, multi-threading and batch conversion. The conversion and CD burning are made faster. 


How to burn a CD using DVDFab DVD Creator? 

Here are the steps that can be helpful in burning your discs –


Step 1 – Install and launch the software

DVDFab DVD Creator is part of the DVDFab Suite. Launch the software and pick the option Creator at the top end
Step 2 – Add your files

dvdfab dvd

Choose your profile selector based on whether you want to create a DVD, Blu-ray or a UHD disc. Once done, add your files through any of the means you want to. You can add files from Add from local option or by dragging and dropping your files. If you want to add some downloaded audio or video files, you can use DVDFab Downloader for downloading the content. 

dvdfab downloader 
Step 3 – Add customisations

Apply your customisation options from the Advanced Settings option. You can even apply Menu Settings as per preferences. 
add customisations  

Step 4 – Begin Burning your videos

Pick your optical drive as output folder. Insert a blank disc in the drive and click on START to begin burning your software. The process should take a while, and you should get a progress indicator. 
dvdffab video downloader  

If you want to know can you burn a CD from Spotify or how to burn a CD from YouTube, downloading DVDFab Video Downloader can be a great tool, with which you could also convert YouTube video to MP3 easily. 


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2.    CDBurnerXP


CDBurnerXP is a free CD burning software which can be an excellent option for burning all kinds of discs that include CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays. You can use it to burn any type of data onto the discs. However, if the disc or the content has any sort of copy protection, the software may not be able to decrypt it. 


●    Can burn a wide range of discs 
●    Can burn any kind of content including MP3, AAC, OGG, WAV, FLAC, and ALAC
●    An easy to use interface. 
●    Multilanguage support

3.    ExpressBurn

It is one of the high-end CD/DVD burner software that can even burn a data CD. If you are looking to create an audio disc, you can do so with support for multiple audio formats. It can merely extract MP3 files without the need for extracting it. Definitely an excellent choice for the best CD burning software. 


●    Template menu for DVD authoring 
●    The software can even be used recording ISO images. 
●    It has both free and paid versions 
●    You have versions for both Mac and Windows 


4.    BurnAware

BurnAware is one of the excellent free CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc burners for Windows. If you are using the tool for the first time, there is an easy to use wizard styled tutorial for an easy understanding. You can definitely use the tool to burn and create MP3/Audio CD, Data DVD, DVD-Video disc and ISO/CUE/BIN images. 
burnawareSupports audio and video formats such as WAV, WMA, OGG, MP3 ISO files to CDs, and



●    Supports burning CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays 
●    It can handle a wide range of audio and video formats.
●    Supports high DPI monitors and offers a low CPU usage 
●    Disk image burning supported 

5.    InfraRecorder 

If you are looking for an easy to use and simple interface for a simple CD burning tool, InfraRecorder will double up as a great option by almost every aspect. One of the prominent CD burning software available on Windows, it works efficiently on every version of Windows except Windows 10. It provides you with most of the features you are looking for a perfect free CD burning software. 



●    Supports audio and video formats such as WAV, WMA, OGG, MP3 ISO files to CDs, and DVDs.
●    Does not load your resources 
●    Rewritable disc support 
●    Multi-session audio recording options 

6.    Free Audio CD Burner 

Free Audio CD Burner is one of the exciting options for working with Windows10. It can be considered to be one of the perfect choices for the best free CD burning software. It is best suited for burning audio CDs seamlessly. You can use it to decode your MP3 and WMA files with ease. 

free audio cd burner  

●    You can use it for burning CR-R and CD-RW
●    It lets you erase content on rewritable discs 
●    It supports a wide range of audio formats 
●    It can work with any Windows version

7.    Ashampoo Burning Studio Free

The Ashampoo Burning Studio Free offers you access to an enhanced experience providing you best disc ripping capabilities. Of course, you need to register through the program website. It can be your best bet for the best free CD burning software for Windows 10. You have a free disc erasing capability. 

ashampoo burning studio free 


●    Use it to burn and rip your discs with ease 
●    Can be an excellent tool for backing up your data 
●    The multi-disc backup feature is an added advantage 
●    A neat and easy interface. 

8.    DeepBurner Free 

DeepBurner is one of the longest serving free CD burning software on Windows. The portability of the tool further makes it a great choice to carry it with you anywhere you go. Of course, it does not support burning Blu-rays. It is quite user-friendly with a focus on the ease of use. 

deepBurner free


●    It can create and burn ISO images 
●    Support for bootable CD/DVD 
●    Can create multiple disk copies 
●    Works with both internal and external CD / DVD writers 


9.    ImgBurn 

ImgBurn has been one of the most popular free CD burning software and has been observed to be an excellent option for practically each of your CD creation requirements. The tool works with Windows 10 ad can handle a wide range of video writing capabilities. Multiple audio format support is yet another plus point. 



●    A 100 per cent CD / DVD burning software 
●    It can work with CD, DVD, Blu-rays 
●    It does support a wide range of formats that include AAC, APE, FLAC, and M4A
●    It can even create a DVD Video disc 
●    Can create image files 


10.    Nero Burning ROM 

The Nero Burning ROM is one of the most popular burning engines. It can help you create longer lasting discs. It can be useful for providing you access to creating a high-quality CD, DVDs and Blu-rays. A must app for the music lovers. You would find it to be one of the perfect free CD burning software on Windows 10. 

nero burning rom


●    SecureDisc function helps you handle the disc with a digital signature, password protection and encryption
●    It can rip DVDs and other discs and extract music files 
●    It can even record the files and copy your data 
●    Available only on Windows 


How Can You Burn  DVD Or Blu-Ray?

The DVDFab Blu-ray Converter is an excellent option for helping you burn DVD or Blu-ray. You should be able to copy or burn multiple DVDs or other video files onto a DVD Disc or a Blu-ray disc. The efficiency in converting and upscaling your DVDs at a premium quality. 


You can either save the Blu-rays and DVDs in the form of an ISO file or folder, or can even copy them onto a blank disc. The support for different disc formats such as BD-R, BD-RE, DVD±R and DVD±RW should be one of the excellent options. The tool also provides you access to GPU acceleration, making it one of the great choices for the free CD burning software on Windows 10. 


The Concluding Thoughts

Based on your exact CD burning needs, you can pick any of the tools among the free CD burning software outlined here. Of course, we would recommend DVDFab DVD Creator if you are looking to find how to burn a CD for apparent reasons. The tool has been one of the excellent options with an enhanced experience you will find extremely rewarding. 


Check those tools out and find what best meets your needs.